Monday , March 27 2023

Saxony: A police college rector will be replaced after Affar


NAfter an affair at the Saxon Police College in Rotenburg (district Gorlitz), former rector Harald Kogel (58) was replaced. He moved to Saxony Ministry of Internal Affairs, as the ministry announced on Monday. From November 15, the school will be temporarily run by previous Vice President Thomas Boltz. The 57-year-old lawyer also has experience in education and training.

At the helm of the University, Boltz should also support a commission of experts set up by Interior Minister Saxony Roland Voller (CDU), as the ministry called it. The panel will investigate allegations of school fraud. The report was published in the spring of 2019.

Against one employee at a university a criminal investigation has been launched for alleged manipulations. In addition, disciplinary proceedings against the suspended officer are ongoing.

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The alleged scam flew when the students were entrusted by the lecturers. They said that the government council allowed photographs of mobile phones. After that, it was supposed to be available to around 170 students from DropBok on the Internet.

Already in the previous year, 16 candidates were not appointed as commissioners, as they should have deceived them on the exam. According to the university, the test committee canceled the performance test. It has to be repeated.

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