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Soder shows in the reelection of humility – Baiern


  • The Bavarian State Parliament re-elected Markus Soder as the head of the state of the Free State: a CSU politician received 110 votes in favor and 89 against, with three abstentions.
  • In his speech, Soder urged a new style in parliament and optimism policy.
  • AfD, which first moved to Bavaria to the state parliament, calls for readiness for co-operation.

From the state parliament Ingrid Fok

This must be the humility that Markus Soder is witnessing so often. This Tuesday, at least the hint about him surrounds him in the Bavarian state's parliament. For the second time within a few months, the 51-year-old was elected Bavarian Prime Minister – and for the first time he gets the impression that he seriously knows how to say humility. She does not take every opportunity this time to fight, keep her from photographing on the magnificent background of the photographer, looks serious – almost could be said: modestly.

Shortly before the beginning of the session, he and his wife, Karin Baumuller-Soder, enter the big stone hall of the state parliament, walk towards the crowd of cameras – and continue to the plenary in a rather unusual way. His wife disappears to the audience for honorary guests, he sits in the position of a normal deputy. There is one thing on the agenda: "Prime Minister's Choice".

What does Soder feel in that day? "This is something that is expected with humility and with great responsibility, because Bavaria is superb," ​​he said in advance on the radio. A: "Representation of Bavaria is a big task". There is humility.

Soder won 110 of 202 votes. The newly formed CSU and Free Voters' Coalition has 112 members, one MP is ill, while the second vote remains, so the newly elected Prime Minister will probably think about it later. He now sits in a parliament consisting of six parties. In addition to CSU, Green, SPD and free voters, FDP and AfD are new. You can see this from the fact that many members of the back row are completely left side by side. And because everyone is following AfD with special care. However, for Soder, a lifelong dream comes about this year after years of craving, effort and torture. Again.

Bavaria is threatening the new Biedermeier

A coalition agreement between CSU and Free Voters is read as if the new government simply wants to rest in the coming years. He does not answer the big questions of the future.

Comment Sebastian Beck

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Of course, this has not always been the case in the last few months. Until the Bundestag elections last autumn, things did not look so bad for the CSU. Then it dropped to 38.8 percent – for Soder was beneficial, he could start from his prime minister with his eternal rival Horst Seehofer. In December, he won the duel, "with courage and humility" he wanted to take on a new task and was elected in March for the first time even in a position. But the state election campaign was smooth and smooth for Soder and CSU. Nearly three weeks ago, in the evening elections, there was almost a loss relief of only 10.5 percentage points – with an absolute majority. But no one believed at all. 37.2 percent, which Soder accepted "with humility," as he pointed out at every opportunity.

Even in the weeks since the election, he has not realized this self-respected humility in the past few months. CSU has so quickly decided for Free Voters as a coalition partner that there was no time for reflection. The coalition agreement could also be copied with "sequel", a new course can not be identified. But Soder suppresses the change in his short speech after the election: They want a new style in the state parliament and optimism policy.

All parliamentarians should continue to understand other arguments at the start of the new mandate. "Style and competence are important," says Soder, sounding like a master who patiently and gently talks to his dog. "Struggling for the best, it seems to be a strong parliamentary power, and those who fail others will never be successful." What Soder's goal is to be clear: you must now agree with one another – and he, as the father of the earth, will do everything to do it. At least in this brief speech, they would also like to take it away. Words are carefully selected, toned and calmly.

His call for a better style is directed by Soder in his own government, as well as in the opposition: far from all party programs, the question of increasing Bavarian prosperity and preventing damage, Soder says, patriotism. AfD is ready to cooperate – very clearly: "Every beginning of magical life enchants us!", Group leader Katrin Ebner Steiner calls in the direction of Soder. One wanted that in principle all their applications would not be rejected in parliament, says Ebner-Steiner. If this happens, this is jeopardizing the legal consequences. "If you stick to the basic law and jurisprudence, then you can expect a constructive opposition."

On the first day, AfD was caught in a disadvantage, the proposed candidate for a vice-president in the state parliament was refused, because of Ebner-Steiner, to condemn her party. "Stop the fight against patriotism and German original needs for national identification and equalization with racism." Claims provoked by other parties for the purpose of raising interest.

What is already clear on this second day in the state parliament: not only in the government in which it is being held, but also in the parliament, it seems that the old structures will already work well. "In my eyes, at first there are no such things as spells, and the union discourages itself united for it," says Green House parliamentarian Green Katharine Schulze of the new coalition. SPD leader Horst Arnold criticizes the coalition as not a departure project, but testifies to a "stable lack of perspective". FDP leader Martin Hagen calls for "updating" for Baiern. How long will Soder's touch of humility last?

In the coming days, the new head of the Bavarian government has yet to do a completely different task: On Monday, his cabinet will be called up. Free voters receive three ministries of culture, environment, economy, energy and regional development. The rest of Soder is distributed among his people, some will leave empty hands. But the father of the land will certainly learn them slowly and humbly.

Soders goes to the prime minister

Markus Soder, a Franconian man, who always wanted to become the Bavarian prime minister. His growth has marked a number of rivalries.

Bi Birgit Kruse

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