Thursday , June 1 2023

Technology: The new edition of MacBook Air in the field test


Sometimes Apple waits for its customers to live. In principle, MacBook Air has not been significantly upgraded since 2015. The new issue has been missed a long time. A practical test shows how the notebook proves itself in everyday life.

The biggest difference for the old generation is the screen: The new MacBook Air has a Retina display, a 13-inch IPS display with a resolution of 227 dpi.


The screen has more than four million pixels, while the old 13-inch model had just over 1.3 million pixels. So, the texts now look sharp and sharp. The photos are more colorful, after all, the number of colors shown has increased by 48%. After just a few hours in front of the new model, you do not want to use the lower resolution screen. However, the screen is not as bright as Pro models.

Processor and memory

In the main processor, Apple is now on the eighth generation of Intel's Core i5 chips, giving the device much more power. Performance also depends on the amount of RAM (RAM). You can choose between 8 and 16 gigabytes (GB) of RAM. Most users will boast 8 GB of RAM. For SSD main memory, the smallest version (128 GB) may not be sufficient for many users to store larger datasets, they should at least have a capacity of 256 GB. The choice is also 512 GB or even 1.5 terabytes.

fingerprint sensor

Some components of the new MacBook Air are already known from the Pro series: for example, an ID touch sensor is installed, with which you can replace many entries with a fingerprint. In Germany you will soon be able to pay online shopping as soon as the announced launch of Apple Pai is held.

T2 security chip

The Pro also comes with a T2 security chip that protects Mac against malicious software malware during startup. The T2 chip also ensures that the MacBook Air can be accessed using the voice assistant Siri. It also completely disables the device's microphones as soon as the laptop locks. This separation takes place according to Apple's "purely hardware-level" data. Therefore, the malware can no longer secretly activate the microphone.

Quiet keyboard with butterflies

The airbag corresponds to the current Pro series. This third generation of so-called. The low pressure butterfly button feels exactly as it's written and it's no longer as loud as the keyboard of the older Pro models. The first versions of Butterfly were also relatively subject to repairs, for example, crumbs or grain dust jammed between the keys. The warranty statistics for the new MacBook Pro models now show that this error has been corrected.


Apple broke on the interfaces: The old MacBook Air (13 inches) offered two more USB-A ports, a Thunderbolt port and an SD card slot. The new one has only two USB-C ports, but can also be used as a DisplaiPort for an external monitor or as a quick Thunderbolt port for connecting an external memory space.

But if you just want to plug in a simple USB key, you need an adapter. And who wants to bring photos from the camera without the included card reader on the notebook, there is a slot for the SD card. After all, Apple's engineers did not take the new MacBook Air headphone jack.

Battery life

An important criterion for everyday use is the battery life. Apple claims you can surf the web for twelve hours with the new MacBook Air. In the practical test, that number of hours was not reached, also because it ran between games or applications like Adobe Photoshop. The normal working day of the digital nomadic MacBook Air, but it should end without closing the socket.


With a dual-core processor, MacBook Air is not a computer power supply, but everyday tasks work hard. Even if the weather is over 20 tabs open, MacBook Air has only accepted the load with a quiet fan noise, but without going to the knees.

Specifically, the retina resolution upgrade ensures that Apple raised prices for the MacBook Air to just under 1350 euros (8GB RAM and 128GB SSD storage). The 256GB SSD storage model costs only 1600 euros. The MacBook Air is available in gray, gold and silver.

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