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That's why the Red Bull pilot was punished


( – Mak Verstappen won the award for his improper behavior after the Grand Prix. The Red Bull pilot, who was attacked by Force India driver Esteban Ocon after a crash, has two days of volunteer work. The Red Bull team condemns the Verstappens violent look, but warns of too much criticism. Verstappen is a racing runner whose emotions are overstated in a situation. FIA Director Charlie Vhiting condemns any physical violence.

Mak Verstappen, Esteban Ocon

Verstappen locks on the FIA ​​scale versus Ocon zoom

Article 12.1.1 c. The Code of Sports was interrupted by Max Verstappen in the heat of the battle after the 71 lap in Interlagos. The rules say that "any malicious behavior or behavior that violates the interests of competition or motorsport's interests in general" should be punished. The Dutchman is specifically charged with "deliberate physical contact" with Oconom.

The race managers listened to the views of Verstappen, Okaon and team officials about the incidents after the FIA ​​garage at Vaga. He also saw video material. Finally, it came to the conclusion that Verstappen went right to Oakland, who was standing on a scales, and began a huge argument with the French. As a result, the Red Bull pilot pushed Ocon in the chest area several times. The commissioners say both pilots were cooperating. They also show understanding for the frustration of Verstappens.

Vhiting: "It Happened In The Past"

The verdict explains that the Dutchman who led the race to that point on circles 44 initially did not intend to push Ocon. On the contrary, he was "running", and he lost peace. However, it was emphasized that as an athlete he is responsible for behaving properly and acting as a model for other pilots. However, he did not fulfill this obligation.

FIA Director Charlie Woking did not want to comment on this in his media circle, at that time the verdict was not yet established. However, the Briton on this occasion stressed that statements like Helmut Mark or Christian Horner after the race do not like to be heard. "But in the battle of battle and lost victories in the race, I can already understand such statements."

"We should be realistic, this has happened several times in the past, we all know it, we are looking at a real incident, but I can not forgive any physical confrontation," commented Vhiting. The head of Redbridge Horner agrees with this: "Of course we do not call violence in any way well, but you also need to understand that emotions collapse in such a situation," the British recruited.

Horner: "There is a long history …"

This is not the first conflict between Oakland and Verstappen, in the past there were young hopes in a lower category of clashes. "There was a long history between these two pilots, they knew from the time of killing, we do not know which words are rejected and how disturbed they are."

Horner points out: "You have to understand the situation that the backbone has just fucked up to win the Grand Prix, so it's inevitable that emotions will rise." Verstappen is known for his temperament, after the race the situation was clarified internally at Red Bull. "This is the human reaction of Formula One drivers who are a competitive animal."

After all, fans and experts in all sterile premiere want the right types, so Horner fully agrees that pilots can not become robots. "Drivers are not robots, so they should not be, and in other sports you also see interactions between players so that judges have to intervene."

In this case, comrades of the race were on the train. Contrary to the decision, Red Bull did not expect a penalty. "You can never predict what commissioners will decide," the Briton said before publishing. "I'm sure they'll talk, but anything else will disappoint me."

In the end, in his opinion, the situation in the FIA ​​garage was not "out of control." "While violence can not be adopted, emotions can sometimes be overcome." Asked if this was still a mild reaction to Verstappen after a collision with Oconomo, Horner confirmed.

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