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The cause of death is explained: Ariana Grandes ek Mac Miller has died



Rapper Mac Miller died from overdose. It was an accident.

Rapper Mac Miller died from overdose. It was an accident.(Photo: Oven Sveenei / Invision / AP)

Tuesday, November 6, 2018

So far, it was a presumption, now it's a security. Raper Mac Miller died from overdose. He was convicted of mixing consumption. The report also shows whether it was an accident.

Rapper Mac Miller died unexpectedly at the age of 26 September 2018. In his home in Los Angeles he was found without a life. Until now, it was not clear where the rapper died because the autopsy did not give a clear result. Now, forensic medicine in Los Angeles has released the results of a toxicological investigation, which will be available, among others, "TMZ" and "People".

US portals consistently report that the opinion was that the 26-year-old died of an overdose of cocaine, analgesics of fentanyl and alcohol. The combination was a decisive factor, not a single quantity. The cause of death is also classified as an "accident". Raper accidentally took a deadly cocktail.

Open a business with addiction

Soon news of death spread, speculating that it could be an overdose. Mac Miller, whose real name was Malcolm McCormick, openly dealt with his problems with alcohol and drugs and returning during his lifetime.

Miler co-operates from 2016 to 2018 with singer Ariana Grande. "I'm sorry I could not cure you or relieve you of pain," she announced after hearing Miller's death. "I really wanted that." Miller was the sweetest, sweetest soul imaginable – "with the demons he did not deserve." Recently, Grande released a single in which she thanked her ex-boyfriend for her time together. Her engagement with American comedian Pete Davidson began after Miller's death.



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