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The wrong Vodafone customer service wants to throw you out


If you call the Vodafone numbers, you can not answer anyway. Otherwise, your threat is a fraudulent fraud.

Phone fraud is nothing special. But it is now pretending to be employees in the provision of mobile services is new. According to media reports, it is said that scammers have told their victims that they are part of the Vodafone client team.

The callers wanted to know whether the clients were satisfied with their contract and the quality of the network. After these unpleasant questions, the callers often asked Vodafone customers to grant a 10% discount on the agreed price. But for privacy reasons, the password for the online portal must be called.

Vodafone scammers can steal identity

If this event happens again, you must be careful after this question: Never will Vodafone call you on the phone because of the password you use on the Internet. Most often employees in the telephone line often ask the so-called. User password. However, this is especially created for the conclusion of contracts for such cases.

With the captured password, scammers can log into your user portal and steal your information. This includes your full name and date of birth, IBAN and BIC and other sensitive information. In addition, rippers can give loans on your behalf or even steal your identity.

You should block these numbers

In the meantime, it seems that it has been clarified, from which numbers there is a risk of fraud. As Chip advises, at best you must immediately block these numbers.

  • 015147346226
  • 015147453591
  • 015205838686
  • 015207418246
  • 015207427204
  • 015213744039
  • 015251302812
  • 015214580228
  • 015252980980
  • 01625144220
  • 01734061600


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You can do this when you discover your password

Have you already fallen on the trick? Or did you see the last contact with Vodafone customer service suspicious? We advise you to contact your service provider immediately. Access the supplier under:

  • 1212 from the Vodafone network
  • 0800 172 1212 from the fixed network and other mobile networks
  • as well as under 0049 172 12 172 12 from abroad.

In addition, you can inform the police and report under certain circumstances. Be sure to write down the number of scammers and the time of the call. This information can be useful in government research.

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