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Three points, or three new victims: Real sells Victori in Vigo expensive


Game number four, win number four. Real coach Santiago Solari went through his first rigorous test, but he suffered three new injuries in injury: Casemiro, Sergio Reguilon and Nacho Fernandez.

Vigo. In the end, Roial used the error in the competition. After losing against Betis, Real scored three points in Vigo. And this is due to new injuries expensive.

Isco again on the bench, Casemiro and Reguilon injured

For his starting eleven he had to adjust Santiago Solari twice to halftime. Although Luka Modric made a break after the break in the Champions League and Lucas Vazcuez was rewarded instead of Isco again for higher training, but in Casemir and Sergiu Reguilon, he entered two best players on the field. The Brazilian striker had to leave after 17 minutes on Maki Gomez's solid start, before the start of the match. "Celtinas" did not take prisoners, as Karim Benzema, Gareth Bale and Alvaro Odriozola suffered after some heavy blows from the start.

Benzema meets Modric's pass

Otherwise, the fourth game under Solari was a great fight. And the odds ratio of 8: 8 at the break showed: It was enough to play in Baladios! Initially, Benzema came to two conclusions, first after the preliminary work of Odriozola, and after Bale, before Thibaut had to rescue Courtoi's position – Ok already made the fourth goal in favor of Solaris. Lucky behind, and luck ahead: Benzema added 1-0 in the minute 23, when he gave up his defender, he was very fond of Modric and scored his tenth goal after a great ball game.

But even under the 42-year-old coach, sometimes he has a bad luck: Kroos met in the 35th minute, an empty goal after Benzema let him go. After a violation of 8:10 and 1: 3 yellow cards from the Real Point of View, a solid but undeclared 1-0 lead lead went into the cabin.

First, Celta and then Benzema: an aluminum field on both sides

Fast and ruthless were the other 45 minutes. Minute 50: Benzema fails after a dribble against Drew on the crossbar. Minute 55: The Benzema finishes through internal mail and Cabral's box in the net – their own goal. 60 minutes: Hugo Mallo keeps the hosts in the game with a perfect direct shift – Sergio Ramos was not quick enough in the first goal.

Nacho was also injured, and the next penal goal was Ramos

Even more unhappy for Solari, because his third substitution came due to injury: Nacho could no longer play from the 69th minute, replaced by Asensio, so Lucas Vazkuez Nacho replaced him on the left.

Celta continued, Judge Undiano Mallenco allowed them to pass, rarely intervened. After Benzema almost achieved the Odriosola cross, Courtois had to open the pair against the dangerous conclusion of Aspas. The game was threatening to play. But there was a contradiction. Because Galicians used their rough style of play in their penal zone, Odriozola fell. And Sergio Ramos was once again allowed to move from the eleven meters to the action, and Panenka again met.

In the final stage they had two blows: Dani Ceballos hit the ball 20 meters (90. + 1) before Brais surrendered Mendez Courtois (90 + 4).

First international break, then Eibar

Three points and three new injuries. It remains to be seen how heavy Casemiro, Reguilon and Nacho are missing. After all: Dani Carvajal, Raphael Varane and Marcelo drive again with the team, and Mariano Diaz and Jesus Vallejo on the lawn. As the international break is quite correct, so Solari – if he is appointed head coach on Monday – can soon count on most of his team. Next game: November 24th at 13.00 in Eibar.

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This article was written by Nils Kern

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