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Vissel Kobe: Ek-Cologne Lukas Podolski is no longer a captain

Kobe –

The first Japanese division of Vissel Kobe is in these days. Sporty, the team around the former Cologne Lukas Podolski (33) far exceeds expectations in the tenth – despite the former world class hit, such as Andres Iniesta (34) and David Villa (37) in the team.

Sport downhill now has the following consequences: After a recent 2: 4 against Sanfrecce Hiroshima coach Juan Manuel Lillo (53) took his hat. For him, Japanese Takaiuki Ioshida (42). This was announced by the club on Wednesday.

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Lukas Podolski took over the captaincy captaincy

During this period, Podolsky himself announced some news. Thus, a former FC scorer announced on Twitter that he will no longer be carrying a captaincy in Vissel in the future.

The first statement in Japanese sounded very diplomatic. The decision was "very difficult", wrote Podolski. In addition, he also justified his move "not very good performances over the past weeks" and the difficult situation in which the team is currently.

Second post by Lukas Podolsky provokes speculation

At first it was unclear whether the new coach Podolski was dismissed as a captain or the striker decided to take this step himself. Later Instagram post in English sounded a little different – even if the text is very similar.

Initially he writes: "Hi Kobe fans, I'm informing you that unfortunately I'm no longer a captain. It's an unhappy and sad situation for me, but I'm professional." It does not sound like Podolsky himself made a decision – even if it says in the next sentence , perhaps not to expose his employer.

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The previous tweets add extra vibrations

However, there is another tweet that added Podolski several hours earlier. It shows the former Cologne on an imaginary black and white photo.

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Lukas Podolski thanks Kobe fans

It says the 2014 world champion: "A new opportunity will open soon. Stay positive and open." With the fans of Vissel Kobe, he thanked for the support.

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Does Lukas Podolski even imply his departure?

Of course, the fans are now on standby. You speculate: Does Podolsky interpret this statement as an early change in the club?

According to EXPRESS information, he is turning to the US MLS for FC Los Angeles. Podolski is in Kobe until the end of the season under contract.

Or did he just send the next message to the Captain's office with his tweet? Or was it for Podolsky that the "new option" would be the upcoming league game on Saturday at Urava Red Diamonds, where his team could sportily return to the right track?

Questions about the issues – probably only Podolsky can answer.

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