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38-year-old sister who is suicidal: raped him in the army and was not punished – you are not men


Disclosure about the reason her brother pushed for suicide on October 31, made her 38-year-old sister complete her life in Thessaloniki.

With the text on Facebook, his sister automatically discovers what her brother spent in the last days of her life. He complains that he was raped in the army, which was straining his mental health, which led to disintegration.

Suspension of his sister automatically

"My brother, Vironas, was a brilliant, gifted child, they all said that, his teachers, his friends and those who met him said that, his colleagues said, and his professors at the school where he was present. His family, we all knew he was a child of humor, intelligent, sensitive, creative, often smiling at me, I loved spending time with him. We did not always dare or eat, as often brothers do.

She knew that she would accept, stroke, show affection. He shouted at me. He was a man with skills. He liked climbing, climbing, playing violins, guitars and screaming where and when a little pimples. He was good at art and techniques. He studied at TEI from Thessaloniki, Electronics. He learned martial arts. He was a probationary officer in the army. In recent years he has worked in a biotechnology company in Thessaloniki.

"Sexually attacked him in the army"

My brother did not lose him for the day. Suddenly I lost him on the night of October 31, 2018. But my brother died a long time, a little. My brother started losing him when his father told him not to be "so sensitive" as men had to be tough. He has since been trying to prove in every way that he is a "man." I lost another piece when he came back from the army, he collapsed, because some sadistic shuffles who had a problem with the sensitivity as a person of the male sex and who were mocked about it, stood there one night, throwing the substance into his drink that he left her unconscious and sexually abused her.

I lost another part of him when he began to have hallucinations and heard voices, and psychiatry said it was schizophrenia, and society made him disturb because of the simple biochemical imbalance in his nervous system and the stigma of the mentally ill. I lost another part of him when the priest to whom he went to help him said that the voices that Satan was listening to and must repent and constantly acknowledge their sins by the guilty pleas for things that are not his own responsibility.

But my brother did not want to be a victim. Fight with everything. In his place, with his illness, nobody works. But my brother stood up for years and went to work. He took drugs, took his courage, his stubbornness, his unwavering will for life, and continued.

"Bulliing and his work environment"

In his working environment, he faced the same violence he had experienced during his lifetime of "men" who were his "brothers". In a working environment where verbal (even physical violence) is acceptable as a model of humanity, where rows and threats were everyday, where for every whore caused by the economic crisis and the emotional burden of his bosses, he must have been excited himself, and that was fine, because it's a man, my brother is getting lost day by day. He worked constantly, without a free day, seven days a week, even without money.

It worked until it melted and almost 80 kilograms were made. He worked continuously to prove that he was not a schizophrenic with a trace of crazy and incompetent, to prove that people could endure everything, worked even when they were not paid, because he thought that his job was a social function, he worked under the conditions someone would get rid of him. I asked him an endless number of times to go, to rest, to take care of myself …

If he had not had so much violence on his sweet body, my brother would live. He would live because his family did not consider him "mentally ill", he did not reject him, did not close it in a stick, did not put him in a psychiatric bed and did not dare, give up and give up. My family liked and supported him even when he disagreed with his decision to work until he disbanded.

It's very easy to talk about "mental illness" and suicide. So it is a quick and convenient way to get rid of responsibility for everything that happens around us every day about the violence that is being practiced and accepted. Father's violence against his son, the officer's violence against the internet, the violence of the priests against the "sinner", the employer's violence against the worker, psychiatric violence against the patient.

You're not a man. My brother deserved a thousand of you. His death is also your responsibility, because you steal him all these years each time taking his part. You're not a man. You are thieves, humble and inhuman, and if there is justice in this world, I hope that you will receive what you deserve. "

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