Friday , December 4 2020

"Antockunbo is the most prized NBA player" – Basketball – NBA

In the worst words about John Adodocop, Rian Holings spoke.

The 34-year veteran, who played a key role in the teams that fought, described the Greek international as the most expensive in the NBA league and remained in his performance against Toronto Raptors.

"I remember you told me that Giannis would continue to play in the playoffs and blah blah." He is a very good player at the moment, he is a very good player, I like him, I like him! "You all sent him to the final this year Not only did he not go to the finals but he did much less. This player shoots 29% when he is marked by a good defensive player.

Do you know what the difference is between good and good players? When you do it to LeBron, look at it from afar. And when he does, he does it at the right time, does not make a mistake and goes into the basket, taking a free kick. There were no scenarios where Giannis was going to the basket, he was clean and his teammates simply missed the free kick. It was ineffective. "

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