Friday , December 4 2020

At the end of June, the platform for regulating "red" housing – Aktuelnost

At the end of June it is expected to open debts for debt settlement for "red" borrowers, because although the new law on protection of the first apartment has been in force since April 30, the process of completing the platform continues to be as functional as possible. Indeed, while the settlement process is ongoing, there will be temporary protection of the borrower from auctioning possibilities, as pointed out by The Legal Department of the Special Secretariat for Private Debt Management, Theoni Alabassi, during the meeting of the board of the Chamber of Tradesman Thessaloniki. Where she was present.

"The amount of the borrower's total debt – not only due capital, but also capitalized interest and any enforcement costs regulated by the debtor's request – should not exceed € 130,000 per loan for housing loans," he said.

38,000 natural and legal persons applied for 120 installments for debts to EMPA and 31,000 for tax administration.

In the meantime, intensive mobility in online debt regulation platforms is visible to tax authorities and funds, as many hurry to use measures of 120 fees.

As announced by Fotis Kourmousis, special secretary for private debt management, 38,000 natural and legal persons applied to join the regulation of 120 installments for debts to the EFCA and 31,000 in the tax administration. It's worth noting that there are 30,000 natural persons.

"SMEs think they are in a crisis, because for them the number of wars in tax administration does not exceed 24, for regular and 36 installments, for extraordinary tax debts," stressed VET President Anastassios Kapnopolis, stressing that there is still no provision for rewards for informed taxpayers and consistent employers. "What we call for a post-settlement outside the agreed deadlines is a permanent measure and, above all, to reduce the taxation of natural and legal persons in order to gain a prospect of development," said Kapnopolis.


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