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Baldwin in Gazzetta: “Panathinaikos gave me a proposal, but we did not agree”


Just before the match between Basconia and Panathinaikos (12/10, 21:30, Novasports Prime), Wade Baldwin revealed to Gazzetta the conversations he had with Panathinaikos in the summer and the fact that he was approaching the “greens”.

One of the players who made a “step forward” last season by launching his stake in the Euroleague, was Wade Baldwin.

With her shirt Bayern Munich revealed on the floor several aspects of his talent, as a result of which he took the German team by the hand and took it away with a breath of Final 4 Cologne. As it is known Bayern was eliminated in 5th match by Armani Milano, in a very successful year in the leading European club competition.

It is characteristic that 5.5 points, 1.8 rebounds and 1.8 assists of 16:47 in 24 matches with Olympic, became … 15.3 points, 3 rebounds and 4 assists in 27:17 minutes with the Bavarian jersey. How then not to be sought after? THE Unics Kazan was the team that had the most publicity to sign it, and as was revealed exclusively for Gazzetta on July 7th, would end in Basque Country!! As it happened …

He only entered the game firmly for his acquisition Panathinaikos!! Several hours before the match of the 3rd match in the Euroleague between the Basques and the “greens” (12/10, 21:30, Novasports Prime) Fr. Wade Baldwin talked exclusively with Journal and revealed all the discussions that took place with Panathinaikos during the summer.

The 25-year-old American guard was well acquainted with the situation in his ranks. Panathinaikos given the open issues that existed with Papapetrou i Hezonia and explained that he had an official proposal in his hands!

“Yes, there was a possibility that I wore the Panathinaikos jersey, but in some conditions we did not find them. At the same time, there was confusion in the team, the list was not known because the problems with Papapetrou and Hezonia were still open. ” he said characteristically in an interview he gave us, leaving the window open for the future: “I love Greece, so everything is open …”

Besides, he remembered his passing by him Olympic saying “the past is forgotten”, he stood by the reasons that he could not fulfill what was expected, while he adored George Bartzoka because of the way he changed for the better “red and white” from the moment he was in the team onwards.

Finally, he looked back Yogi Ferrell, whom he knows from the NBA, emphasizing that it will help him a lot Panathinaikos this season.

“I hope to have a season similar to last year”

-What are your impressions of the team and Vitoria so far?

“It is true that we did not start the season in the Euroleague well. But we learn every day. And you know, it’s hard to quickly connect six or seven new players overnight and have automatic and successful results. However, I believe that we will get better every day … “

-Did you adapt to the new data presented to you?

“I am in the process of adjusting. And I believe that I will fully adapt in a short time. “

– However, last year you had a great season with Bayern Munich. Do you think you are ready to repeat? Can you repeat a year similar to last year?

“I hope so! I would like to! I want to achieve my goals this year. We are going well in two domestic competitions and let’s try to help my team reach the Euroleague playoffs. Anything is possible. It’s too early, there are too many games ahead of us. And I hope we will succeed in the end. “

-What prevented you compared to last season and what helped you improve as a player? Something imprinted on the floor …

“The game itself. Last year I had a lot of time to participate, I stayed on the floor for a long time, while for the first time in my career I faced many different types of defense. And that’s because during the season while I was at Olympiacos I didn’t have the same role to be able to experience that. I saw different approaches in defense and attack and how teams work in European basketball on both sides of the floor. I learned so much from my experience last year and I can say that this year I am starting the season with more knowledge about things ”.

-Based on your experience from last year, where you understood very well what the Euroleague is, how would you characterize yourself? NBA player or Euroleague player?

“I would say he is an NBA player. I think I have the skill and ability to play in the NBA. But basketball is everywhere. “At the end of the day, you have to be ready wherever you are and execute your plan properly.”

“There is a lot of tension in Ivanovic’s training”

-As you know, coach Ivanović was also the coach of Panathinaikos in the 2014-15 season and everyone said that he was a difficult coach with exhausting trainings. Do you see that in the Basque Country as well?

“Yes, I agree. There is a great intensity of training and great demands. Something that is unprecedented for me. For the first time in my career, I meet that. But the coach is doing it to be as ready as possible to respond to the upcoming games. And when I say ready, I mean not only physically but also spiritually. He wants us to be in better physical condition than any other team. “Let’s play fast and be strong in defense so that our plan can be implemented properly.”

– As you told me, you did not start the season well because you are counting two defeats in the same number of Euroleague games. If you once had a motive against Panathinaikos, has it multiplied now?

“Exactly. Besides, we worked on some other things in our attack. We saw in the first two games that it wasn’t working properly, which is definitely worrying. So we have to find a better rhythm in the attack and choose the best possible solution to make it easier. “This week’s matches with Panathinaikos and Alb will be big tests for us to find the rhythm.”

Speaking of Panathinaikos, how do you like this year’s team? Are there players you should focus on more?

“She is not the only one. We have to pay attention to everything. I think Panathinaikos has a very good team. He gained a lot of new players who have no experience in the Euroleague, have a new coach and they are definitely facing a big challenge. And I’m looking forward to it with great interest. I think that Panathinaikos will have a lot of work to do, and that is because Olympiacos is in a very good situation. The season started extremely well. These are the two teams that will win the title in Greece. “

“At first my role at Olympiacos was not clear, Bartzokas was great when he came”

– Where would you bet your money?

“At this moment, we have to choose Olympiacos. They made great victories, they play exceptionally, they have a very good team and according to what we see now, the favorite is Olympiacos. But we are talking about basketball. Anything can happen. It’s still early, so we’ll see … “

– I can’t help but ask you what happened then, and you didn’t find the time and place you wanted in Olympiacos …

“My role in the team was not clear in terms of what I have to do. I am a player who wants to have the ball in his hands and make decisions. And at the same time have the confidence of your coach. Many changes were made then. The players came and went, the coaches did the same and everyone on that team had a lot of ups and downs in their performance. With some good and some bad games. I didn’t play in the Greek championship and it was hard to find a rhythm with one game a week. And now, if you see me or Kevin Panther, players who didn’t play well at Olympiacos at the time, they played very well next year … “

-So “the past is forgotten” in Olympiacos?

“Of course! Definitely. Besides, I liked the taste that remained at the end, when coach Bartzokas came. I saw a change in the culture and the way he approached the players and the games. So it was only a matter of time before he would put a stamp on team in terms of the philosophy he wanted to bring in. And the coach always wants time. Maybe in the first year he won’t succeed because things will be hard, but in the second you will be able to see the difference. And we see that they are hungry now. “They want to play well and wins, despite pressure. “

– Did you miss the derbies of the eternal Olympiacos-Panathinaikos? I’ll tell you why I’m asking you …

“A lot. It’s the best atmosphere I’ve ever played in my career. And when the Covid-19 disappears forever, all the stadium doors open and people fill the stadiums to 100%, it’s going to be something fantastic.”

“I had a proposal from Panathinaikos, but the situation was confusing at the time.”

– As far as I know from the report, your name was very high on the list of Panathinaikos last summer. Have you talked to them? Were there any contacts for the performance in Panathinaikos?

“It’s something we expected. There really were contacts. But some things didn’t work out, so we decided to chart different paths … “

– Still, was there a possibility to wear the Panathinaikos jersey?

“It’s something we expected. They presented me with a proposal, there was communication, but we did not agree on the conditions. At the same time, the staff on the list was not known, because he did not clarify what would happen to Papapetrou and Hezonia. In other words, there was a little confusion when we talked, so we did not agree on some conditions. “

– Are you leaving the window open for the future? To play for Panathinaikos?

“First of all, we will see how the season goes. The time is before us. Greece is definitely one of the best places to live and play basketball. I love Greece. So, everything is open … “

-However, Panathinaikos acquired Yogi Ferrell two days ago, when you know him from the NBA. What is your opinion of him?

“Yogi is a very fast and strong guardian. He shoots great and I believe that once he adapts to the European style of basketball, he will be good. He’s good from college. And it progresses every year. That is why I am looking forward to seeing the good Yogi Ferrell in the Euroleague as well. “

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