Tuesday , May 30 2023

Changes in the cost of mobile and fixed calls: What will be applicable from May – Dikaiologitika Nevs


It is a package that will reduce the cost of calls between the EU countries on mobile and fixed.

In particular, the reductions will be for calls from one country to another and will apply from May 19, 2019 and six months.

What to do with new fees:

Maximum land charge or landline calls from Member State to Member State: 0.19 € per minute of talk time.

Price SMS message 0.06 EUR per message.

It has been noted that roaming charges have been lifted since 2017.

The new rules will enable citizens to quickly connect and make calls safe and accessible within the EU, while providing the necessary predictability for telecom operators to stimulate large-scale Internet investment.

At the same time, smartphone users, including Internet service users such as Skype, VhatsApp, etc., are better protected, and security requirements, including encryption, have improved.

It also introduces the right to retain the telephone number one month after the expiration of the contract and the right to reimburse unused prepaid credit after the termination of the contract, as well as compensation in case of delay or misuse of the transition.

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