Friday , April 16 2021

Chrissa Michalopoulou: An embarrassing reference to her partner Leonidas Koutsopoulos

What Chrissa Michalopoulou admitted in her first interview!

Chrissa Michalopoulou was hosted by Grigoris Arnaoutoglou on Tuesday night on the set of The 2night Show on ANT1. The young actress, whom we met as Georgette in “Wild Bees”, mentioned with sweet shame her partner Leonidas Koutsopoulos.

More precisely, during the conversation with the head of ANT1, when he wanted to tease her, saying that “it is said that love passes through the stomach”, Maria Mihalopoulou noticed with a smile that “does not my love pass through the stomach? Alas! And I know how to cook very well! I cook fantastically. “

Then, the young actress mentioned that she was making a show on “pirate internet radio” by Leonidas Koutsopoulos. “He was there and I went in. He makes a show that has nothing to do with cooking, “added Chrissa Michalopoulou

And this was the first, albeit embarrassing, public report that Maria Michalopoulou submitted to Leonidas Koutsopoulos!

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