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Cipras: Those who were expecting a reduction in pensions, I'm afraid they will be lost | POLITIKA


The perspective of joint development and cooperation with the Balkan countries is the perspective of the future for the productive reconstruction of northern Greece and Thessaloniki, Alekis Tsipras said, speaking at the 3rd Thessaloniki Synod organized by the General Assembly of the Association of Industry of North Greece.

He noted that this year, from this step, the joy of the "landscape around us is very different and much easier" is even greater. "Cassandras were scared," he said.

He spoke about very positive news from Brussels and said that those who invested in the destruction and reduction of pensions would refuse. In the end, he talked about measures of significant and necessary relief in the budget in 2019.

"As you are already informed about the news from Brussels, it is also very positive at today's meeting of the Eurogroup", Al. Tsipras.

"Because of that," he said, "I'm still afraid that those who invested in the catastrophe and who expected a reduction in pensions, but those who were expecting to measure announced at this year's TIF in Thessaloniki will not apply rooms."

"For the first time in eight years, the land is out of the memorandum," Al said. Tsipras.

He said that "at the same time we have reached an agreement on debts that opens us with a clear runway of 15 years" and that for the first time we have a debt arrangement that makes it sustainable and managerial.

He noted that "most importantly, with the successful completion of the third program, unlike the previous two, we are now in the hands of the economic policy tool."

He emphasized that the fact that we are in the optimistic environment is the first time to be impressed in this year's budget.

"Where not only will it contain savings measures but measures of significant and necessary relief that will stimulate the real economy". As he said, not only for the weak, but also for the middle class and entrepreneurs.

He pointed out that the demand of the Federal Industry of Northern Greece became a social partner.

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