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Delicious jeans from Macedonia – Water from Kaimaktsalan, in copper imbels [εικόνες]


In the next few months, the "Mediterranean" Jeans are launching a Greek distillery with the aim of conquering the Greek and international markets.

Dimitris Melissanidis, who is currently in charge of management of beekeeping – the distillery company Melissanidis during an informative meeting with journalists, is mentioned in the new venture of the company. As he said, the jeans will be produced in Greece, but will be Mediterranean, and will be used for the production of fine fruits and herbs from all over the Mediterranean.

Examples are French lavender, chimney from Cyprus, mandarin from Morocco, mastic from Greece, Irida root from Italy and orange from Spain. As Mr. Melissanidis, the new product will be launched in March under the name Mataroa.

Greek gin smells and contains, lavender from France, chimera from Cyprus, mandarin from Morocco, mastic from Greece

It is a great invitation for us to create a top product that will be placed on the shelves of the best bars and restaurants in the world. Mataroa is paid off because she was chosen with great care and organized with unlimited love, says Nopi Romanidou, Head of Marketing / Sales and Co-owner of the company.

Over the years, Melissanides Distillery has succeeded in combining tradition and innovation

Distillery Beverages – Melissani ends this year ninety-five years of presence in the alcohol and alcoholic beverage sector. Founded in Almopija in Macedonia in 1924, today it is at the head of the third generation of beekeepers.
"The production tracking process is traditional and secret recipes, which have been applied since 1924 to the present. Natural water from Kaimaktsalan springs, carefully selected raw materials and small copper balls by distillation, play a catalytic role in the quality of alcoholic beverages, "said Dimitris Melissanidis, currently managing the company's management.

Over the years, the Melissanides distillery has been successful combines tradition and innovation, evolving without change, adapting to their environment without losing their goals, applying modern marketing techniques without being removed from consumers.
Its benefits are people and products. "We want the consumer to enjoy our products. We do not want mass production. We are a family-owned company and the beverage we produce have personal care at all stages: selection of raw materials and water, adherence to family recipes, use of small pies for better results, slow distillation and quality control, "notes Nopi Romanidou.

"We want the consumer to enjoy our products. We do not want mass production. We are a family firm »

In the Beverage portfolio – The Melissanides Distillery belongs to the Ouzo and Tsipouro castle and the Slits vinegar.

The Tsipouro Castle is made of excellent raw materials, a unique local variety of grapes Amassi or the late Almopija region with a long tradition and culture of distillation of tsipoura. The selected variety is rich in alcohol and therefore gives excellent results in distillation. Grapes are white and suitable for vinification. Distillation of this unique dynamic raw material is done in small copper networks, a method that ensures absolute production control and high quality results.

The Ouzo Mansion was manufactured from 100% distillation in the Almopija area with a carefully selected anise from the country of Macedonia, especially from Chalkidiki and Ammini. It remains very fragrant and sweet, according to the same recipe since 1924. A total of 14 plants and selected fruits are a co-author in small bronze nymphs with love, care and three generations of tradition. Traditional six-hour distillation is applied and crystal clear water from Kaimaktsalan sources gives the uniqueness of Ouzo Mansion.

The wick is produced in four forms. Balsamic red from grape variety mavrodaphne, balsamic white grape varieties, white wine vinegar and red wine vinegar from selected grape varieties.

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