Friday , June 2 2023

Eidos Montreal will apply a four-day working week – the Games


Eidos Montreal, owned by Square Enik and currently developing the Guardians of the Galaxy (published on October 26), has decided to apply a four-day working week model.

The new policy (Monday to Thursday) also affects the Eidos branch in Sherbrook, the Eidos branch support studio in Quebec, and is expected to be fully implemented in the coming weeks. Salaries and working conditions, according to the announcement of the company through the spokesman David Anfossi, will remain unchanged for the employees of the company that developed Deus Ek and Tomb Raider.

The company hopes that this change will significantly help the quality of working hours. At the same time, the company encourages its working groups to redefine working conditions and improve efficiency, reducing, for example, meeting time. During the pandemic, Eidos Montreal took measures to improve the quality of life of its employees during the pandemic with periods of rest, as well as reimbursement of costs related to physical and mental health, so his concrete decision to extend this strategy is the next logical step.

Eidos Montreal is not the first studio to apply a four-day work model. The same policy has been applied since September by the Young Horses studio, which was founded by Bugsnak. It is rare for such a large studio to apply such measures, but if this strategy proves successful, other companies will follow suit.

The question for Eidos now is to get a bet because it is known that developers are in a hurry to sell their toys during the holidays, even if they are full of mistakes or problems. Will the four-day work week work the way the studio wants or will it be forced to increase working hours so as not to delay or deliver titles with problems?

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