Thursday , June 1 2023

Five falls for SV loans


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ANEL President Panos Bammenis continued today on the issue of loan ND, after a yesterday's statement by the House during a debate on the constitutional review.

In today's statement, Mr. Kammenos says, addressing five questions to ND leadership:

«Mr. Mitsotakis issued the first-instance court's judgment in Athens number one, the system bank and the accused Nev Democracy?

The second question: Is the decision related to running a public prosecutor's office for party loans? Is that in the prosecution case file? If not, who hid it? Is the award winner against New Democracy exactly what? What does this decision contain? Or are there other amounts than other banks?

Question 3: Why is the postponement of the collateral security of a bank with a precautionary attachment, What can be imposed by this decision, on the loan of New Democracy, which all Greeks paid for by recapitalization of banks? Who is dealing with postponing these requests? Is there any answer for them? And if they exist, will they be accused?

The fourth question: While the Greek person is seized by banks, or as an entrepreneur, who closes jobs for the business loans of 5,000 euros and releases people, or with the seizure of assets for 1,500 and 2,000 euros, Is it possible to recover 150 million euros for which there is a final decision?

The fifth question: Is it true that the New Democracy is planning, through a well-known law office, to establish a fund for the purchase of credit claims, on a lump sum, with the bank and the Greek people, who paid the recapitalization of the bank? "" This loan, as for the second part of the decision, is unfounded, otherwise this decision would not have a ruling ", formallyin future Mr. Kammenos concluded in his statement: "Today I announce the last page of the decision. From Monday, we will switch to new discoveries, if the New Republic does not respond. So far. "


In a response to Mr Kammenos, the Office for New Democracy published the following statement:

"The new Republic feels the need to remind Mr Kamman that for many years now, unfortunately, he was a deputy, then he did not have any problems with the loans of the Democrats, because everything he wanted was to salute his leaders for the ministry.

We inform Mr Kammenos that New Democracy has fully funded its finances. However, we would recommend that it be treated with even more peaceful and, above all, the sobriety of its definitive political goal. "

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