Friday , August 19 2022

Harvard scientists believe that "Uumamu" is alien vessels


The reflection continues to cause the unusual celestial body in the scientific community, called "Uumamu", which in Hawaiian means "messenger". A mysterious object in the shape of a cigar was observed at the end of 2017, and the theory of what exactly varies. It is asteroid; Is the comet? Or is it … alien work?

This second theory may be a bit of a test, but two Harvard researchers have assured themselves that in fact Uumam is an alien space and, in fact, a space ship that did not go by chance but deliberately near the Earth by someone alien culture, for research purposes.

Researchers, in a study published on November 12 in the Astrophysical Journal Letters, believe that this alien vessel could be launched by taking energy from the light that falls on its surface.

"It's impossible to guess the purpose behind Uumamu without any more data," said NBI airplane Avi Lembe, chairman of the Harvard Astronomy and study author.

However, himself and his associate, Smuel Billy, admits that the scenario they are proposing is "exotic," and several scientists have already expressed their objections, arguing that it is more reasonable to assume that they are asteroids or comets. Some even point out that this is the case – smart, but without any evidence to support it.

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