Friday , June 2 2023

I will die with a bottle of wine in my hand


“I’m going to die with a bottle of wine in my hand.” With this shocking attack, the former mayor of Thessaloniki, Giannis Boutaris, acknowledges and recognizes a serious problem alcoholism dealing with the.

“One thing that could characterize me is my relationship with wine. “Even when I die, I will die with a bottle of wine in my hand,” he said characteristically.

“I met my wife in 1954. We were in the 1st high school. Since then, the siege began and we succeeded in 1958. After a long time, we got married in 1964 and had three children. We divorced in 1981. In late ’88, early ’89, I was up to my ears alcohol. My wife lived with another and I told her that “I can’t live without you. If this man enchants you, you will stay with him, if he doesn’t enchant you, let’s start our life again” “, she underlined, referring to her fluctuations he had with his wife.

If he would give any advice to anyone who is addicted, he emphasized that first of all, “he must admit it and in order to get rid of it, he must say that he wants it.” I am an alcoholic, although many people tell me that “you are not, because you do not drink”. Not. All alcoholics always say “I am an alcoholic.” Don’t drink today, what will happen tomorrow, I don’t know … “.

Also, Mr. Boutaris stated that today it is not alcohol that creates addiction, but the phone, while he answered about the earrings he wears: “Vlachs have a custom, when a child is born, to wear an earring, which is for the eye. To follow in my father’s footsteps, I put on an earring when my first granddaughter was born. “

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