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If you find usb on the wall, do not drag it – What is a "dead drop" (video)

Who knows what secrets can keep a simple memory stick? The cheaters use them while they become more creative to steal your data and damage your gadgets.

In this video you will find out what the danger can be caused by a wall outburst and how it can damage your information and security, and why you should never take it off the road. Prevaranti are aimed at human curiosity.

"Dead Drop" is a worldwide artwork that borrowed some tricks from the spying world.

It's basically putting hidden material in the default location so someone can find it without a meeting. This technique was officially born by the British intelligence service during the Cold War.

Artist Aram Bartholl of Berlin decided to create an "anonymous, offline, file-sharing network in the public space" and started his project Dead Drop. In this way, it encourages people to exchange confidential information with others by hiding memory sticks around the world.

Today there are over 1,500 dead strokes around the world. Remember that it is extremely dangerous to attach a random USB stick to your computer.

Criminals can use "lost" memory cards to access your personal data, passwords and other important data. In addition, they can easily destroy your computer. USB sticks in the mail also contain malicious software that can seriously damage the computer.

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