Monday , March 27 2023

In a Eurovorking group on Thursday, the issue of pensions POLICY


In the final phase of consultations for the finalization of the Greek budget for 2019, there are Greek authorities and the European Commission, according to well-known European sources. The aim is that the two sides achieve a "joint position" on the fiscal margin of Greece next year ahead of the EuroVorking Group next Thursday, which will be called to prepare the Eurogroup on November 19th.

As explained to the competent sources, apart from the fact that no reduction in pensions is being applied, there are other positive measures that the Greek government wants to apply "as a priority".

It is expected that this issue will be set up on Thursday in the EuroVorking Group, where representatives of finance ministers for the eurozone will be informed, ideally for the "joint position" of the institutions and the Greek authorities. In the Eurogroup on Monday, the key issue of which is the deepening of the eurozone, Greece will be discussed "if necessary," as emphasized by the competent source, since two days later, on November 21, the Commission will formally announce its opinion on all draft budgets Member State for the European Semester.

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