Saturday , April 1 2023

In spite of the crisis, nobody thought to hurt our national sovereignty – Nevsbeast


The headquarters of the fleet and the Salamis marine station visited today the Deputy Minister of Defense Panaiiotis Rigas.

During the visit, they visited the navy units and Nassathem workshops, where the Deputy Minister talked with civilian personnel.

During his visit, he addressed staff and pointed out:

"We all need to be proud of another reason: The Salamine Navy Salon, where the heart of the Greek Navy strikes, is in the same place in the Province of Salamis, where in 480 BC the most important maritime battle of the ancient world, the Battle of Salamis. , which ends in 2,500 years of this historic event, it's very close to us and we have to get ready for it. "

Then he said:

"Speaking on behalf of the entire political leadership of the Ministry of National Defense, I am with you here at the Fleet Headquarters at the Naval Station in Salamis, thanking and congratulating you for all these years of crisis, both military and civilian personnel, from difficult times, with the lack of staff, with resources and lack of resources, you have not only suffered, but you have also retained the high mind and operational capabilities of our fleet. "

And he continued: "Maybe some things are considered self-explanatory because they happen, but we need to call and know them. Our country has gone through a financial crisis with characteristics unique to the peace period for a developed country.

During the first five of the eight monumental years, we lost 25% of GDP, while defense costs fell by 50%. However, the defense of the forces of the Greek armed forces has not been reduced even through the antenna. This is confirmed by the fact that during the crisis we remained a pillar of stability, with an even stronger international reception. But no external factor has not only dared, but never even thought about our national sovereignty. "

He also emphasized:

"Today, at a time when challenges in the wider region are increasing and violations in the Aegean are common in trying to challenge our national sovereignty and integrity, our navy maintains high readiness and availability of instruments. It dynamically and decisively declares its presence, as confirmed by successful successful missions our military ships in a wide geographical area. "

Especially applies to his weapons programs From the Navy emphasized:

"Since 2015, as a Government, we have begun major efforts to integrate older weapons. In spite of economic hardship, in order to meet the operational needs of the navy, it is always in balance with other branches and in relation to a Greek taxpayer." Our goal is to maximize operational readiness of the existing media We are invited to provide solutions to accumulated problems from the past. It is mainly the main issue of completing previous programs that are closed and the maintenance of fleet units.

I would like to mention the completion of the new submarine program type 214, the launch of TSI integration, the upgrade of P3 ORION maritime airplane cooperation with the goal of their short return to the active service. All this, as part of a program of comprehensive rationalization of the Armed Forces program of the armed forces. "

And he concluded: "Offer an important national job, and sometimes many times in unfavorable conditions, managing to fulfill your mission on a daily basis, according to the existing design and command of your leadership. I believe in you, and for this I want to make sure that we will work hard to support work of the Fleet's Chief Fleet and further improve the Salamis Naval Salamis conditions, so that you can fully satisfy the high level of operational work you do, you have. "

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