Friday , December 4 2020

Iraqi jihadist was arrested in Athens with an order from Germany

The story of barbarism and hatred is revealed after the arrest of Iraqi jihad in Athens, which the German authorities accused of belonging to classes of the Islamic state.

He is detained in the Koridallos prison until the procedure for his extradition to Germany ends.

His German husband is also accused of letting a five-year-old child from central Iraq and the tribe of Jidini die of thirst.


The trail of a 27-year-old Iraqi who claims to be a member of the Islamic State has managed to reach EL.AS. A European arrest warrant issued by the German authorities for terrorism has been issued against him.

The arrest was confirmed by EL.AS with the explanation that there are no accusations against him in Greece.

In particular, the 27-year-old was identified by the Anti-Terrorism Service in Athens, from his mobile phone, based on information provided by the German authorities to the police in other European countries and arrested 15 days ago.

According to reports in German media, Iraqis are charged with war crimes in Germany, while her husband is currently being tried in Germany, is charged with leaving a five-year-old girl, Jiddini, to die of thirst.

The German court accuses the 27-year-old of "buying" a girl named Geinda and his mother, who were held in detention while living in Mosul in Iraq in 2015.

Action spouse

The 27-year-old accused, who is even facing Israeli sentences, left his country to join the Islamic state in 2014. From June to September 2015, she patrolled, armed, wearing an explosive vest, a police account in Iraq.

In 2015, her 27-year-old and her husband "bought" a five-year-old girl and her mother to use them as slaves. "The husband's husband punished her by pulling her out of the house in a place where there was heat, leaving her to die of thirst in a brutal manner," the prosecution said in a statement. "The Accused allowed his husband to do it and did nothing to save a little girl," he adds.

The unfortunate girl's mother told the investigators that the defendant intervened only when it was too late and that the girl died from dehydration. General B., the so-called accused, was arrested by Turkish security forces in January 2016 in Ankara when he wanted to rebuild his papers in the German embassy. A few days later, it was published in Germany.

In temporary detention, however, he was arrested in June 2018 when he was arrested while attempting to return to Islamic State controlled territory in Syria. According to Der Spiegel, in his unsuccessful attempt to go to the jihadist, the accused told her to lead her life in Iraq. In fact, he was an FBI informant and a car with which he was carrying a microphone. The prosecution used these footage to file an indictment against a 27-year-old.

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