Sunday , April 2 2023

Laertis Vassiliou for Katsifa: A presentation of special forces that operated directly


The death of Constantine Katsifa was commented by actor Laertis Vassiliou, participating in an interview on Albanian television on the day of the funeral.

The actor, who was targeted at Golden Dawn and proclaimed a Syrian cousin, appreciated: "Those who came to want to provoke our cops to spill more blood" added, among other things, that "they can not understand what other minorities are asking for."

The actor, whose father is an Albanian and his mother Greek, participated in the show "Is the Greek territory of Vuliarate?", He stressed that those who went to the funeral of Katsif wanted to provoke, even though he was "Chauvinists and fascists do not represent the Greek people", he added, adding: "The question is on what role the minority will continue to play from now and whether the minority will condemn the act of Constantine."

"Today (on the day of the funeral of Katsif) the Albanian state is the winner. Victories against the provocation", he said, rewarding Albanian special forces that they "acted quickly and did not have other victims".

Mr. Vassiliou did not omit the position of deputy Syriza for a protest letter sent to Star, accusing him of distorting history and giving a nationalistic dimension to the killing of Katsif, expressing his opinion on how Albania should move, arguing: "Would the two countries discuss the historical events that were learned in the books in order to change distortions, as Turkey did, that forced Greece to change the history books related to Asia Minor and all the countries from Smyrna to Istanbul. must be overwritten, they must recognize the role of Arvanit in the Greek Revolution, because otherwise we will exploit the nationalist circles and what will happen to the Vulliari. (…) We Albanians as an ancient people living in our countries were more friendly than we needed , even they who came here, the Slavs and the Pelazgi. "

"We showed superiority as an Albanian people, and we also responded to an extreme Cypriot MP who sent a letter to our prime minister saying that we can not enter Europe with blood. So, blood is not shed today", commented Elpina Teoharus, a Cypriot MP, who was proclaimed a non-grandson lie in Albania.

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