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Members of the CDU's youth "honored" with the Nazi march "Crystal Night" – SKAI (vvv.skai.gr)



CDU youth members decided to sing a march in the Nazi era in order to "honor" the 80th anniversary of the "Crystal Night" on November 9th.


CDU youth members decided to sing a march in the Nazi era in order to "honor" the 80th anniversary of the "Crystal Night" on November 9th.

A few hours after Chancellor Merkel's speech on the anniversary of one of the bloodiest attacks of anti-Semitic and paramilitary organizations against Jews and their property, a group of young people from Limburg sang Vestervaldlied to the Berlin bars where they recorded Jewish origin, Linda Alvitsiri Somorfeldt, who saw a video with Tagesspiegel.

After broadcasting the video yesterday, the local youth organization CDU in Limburg issued a statement apologizing for "any inconvenience caused by the bar staff," but rejects the claim of the "Nazi party," claiming that "Vestervaldlied" is only a traditional German poet hunter and the villagers. This is about "hunting for digital witches" against its members. "We regret the fact that in a city where smoking marijuana is tolerated, it is not possible to sing a German song of hunters and villagers whose lyrics are not accompanied by a political statement." It acknowledges, however, that the anniversary was "unhappy".

This song, which is singing the German forces during the invasion of the Netherlands, France and Luxembourg, was removed from the official marion book only in 2017.

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