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Mitsotakis CO: The government wants to even criticize the Constitution – We will not allow – News – News


"We will not allow the Constitution to be criticized," New Democracy Speaker Kiriakos Mitsotakis said, addressing his party's parliamentary group, and described Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras as "the Orban of the Mediterranean".

The government is trying through the Constitutional Review to prevent any major institutional changes of at least ten years, K. said. Mitsotakis.

Signs of his speech

For the Prespa Agreement

The Prespa Agreement is constantly irregular. What is being promoted in the new constitution of Skopje is even worse than the Prespa Agreement. I will say it once again: The new democracy will not vote for the Prespa Agreement, neither now nor after the election.

The only way to never ratify the Prespa Agreement is to hold elections before it comes to the House.

Mr Barmen still supports the government because there are political accounts. G. Tsipras took over the transfer from Skopje from the Greek parliament before the election because he expects a reward for himself and his party.

For constitutional review

In a democracy, constitutional review requires consensus. Something that is not even possible in the intentions of this government, because it launches a review at the last moment only to prevent any institutional change.

Government proposal, in addition to increasing verbalism, what does the essence mean? A decree whose change I personally sought for years: an article on the responsibility of ministers. When I made this proposal twelve years ago, Mr. Cypriot party indifferently whispered.

It is a political barrier that indicates that the government extends referendum institutions when it encourages this institution 2015. It is funny for SIRIZA to talk about a permanent public energy control when negotiating the privatization of PPCs.

It is sad that the government seeks the consent of democratic forces in the country, and at the same time engages in an incredible pogrom against every political enemy through trusted commission of inquiry and commission.

In its proposal, the government leaves untouched all structures that have contributed to today's backwardness, such as education, judiciary, public administration. They remain intact because it is precisely in them that SIRIZA has put on the adoption of the entire political system in its small measures.

Greece needs a new constitution. That's why I suggested that I now vote for all the members that need to be revised. So in the next council, it will create the conditions for a radical revision of the Constitution, after citizens are voted in the elections.

For the economy

Greece continues to grow today, not attracting investment, overestimating citizens, burdening workers and employers with contributions. Mr. Cypriot put the country in a permanent memorandum.

The government is playing a bonus game.

Benefits do not arrive, the country is poor. Society sees an unhappy crafty nightmare in the night, society surrenders uncertainty.

Our universities are a mirror of the land that is in absolute decline. The government has no intention of protecting them. "

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