Thursday , August 5 2021

“Operations” continue, sadness rages

It is no longer the impression that someone is “doing” Panathinaikos matches just in case. That is the certainty now. Clover is not seen in the grass, but neither is AEK. Costas Manolioudakis writes.

Administratively unprotected. The crow of every crow who does not hesitate to openly harass his body, whistling secretly and defiantly indifferent.

Regardless of nationality, if everyone consolidates it, the blind see their light, and the dumb hear.

Bologna threw a terrible … sophistication for Greek judges and he “heard” it forever on the Avenue from some amazing Gorilla. Punishments that would be envied in other times of complete darkness.

The band was seen in all the playoffs. With every opponent. Imaginary things, surgery. It’s as if someone is “working” on Panathinaikos matches just in case. Not just your own.

Clover administration and Alafouzos who has a bridle, sleeps and dreams of making football and playing well, but the pillow is constantly falling.

How long is a reasonable question. Panathinaikos should not do what others do. He is not like that. It doesn’t suit him to become like them.

Ultimately, barbarism is not feared. He never scared her. But she is afraid of strategy.

Does Panathinaikos have a strategy to protect itself or is it apathetically waiting fatally because it can’t or doesn’t know anything else?

Sad on the grass. Four points thrown against the undefeated Astera Tripoli. With the global exclusivity of the draw in the last minute, the opponent’s goalkeeper was behind and while the result was 2-0 to 84 ‘in the first match.

With unimaginable opportunities like that of Carlitos in thirty points from the line and Sancare in 90 ‘with a full goal. They complain about Bologna, they “cook” what he doesn’t do, but they are not selfish?

It is clear that they have not figured out what to do with the ball on their feet, to play alone, but that does not deny their responsibilities.

Apart from the fighting spirit he has against band saws and his blood that has been boiling on the benches for several years, the Romanian is in another world behind the team.

Is Senkefeld out of the starting lineup? How to; Makeda changes right after the fifth at Juankar in the 64 ‘phase?

Can’t the Italian coexist with Carlitos in a match that is 2-2, the opponent is closed in their area and the team is developing mainly with center shots from the side?

It is obvious that by a few centimeters on the bundles of the Spaniard and Sancare in the 90’s, the result would be different, and thus the data we are talking about, but with “if” it is not. The outcome counts.

The oxymoron is that the distance from AEK has been reduced to three points, and on Sunday on the Avenue there is a chance, at least in theory, for an equalizer in which AEK is below. There are two matches left, against Aris and Olympiacos for Panathinaikos and Asteras and Aris for AEK.

How things got to the blind (European passport will be snatched), one-eyed. Both teams are not seen in football.

But whatever happens, no matter what position Panathinaikos takes at the end of the road, his leadership will finally have to learn from their unimaginable football mistakes and take it seriously, devising a specific strategy to deal with the behind-the-scenes messages given in the clearest way. the way.

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