Thursday , October 29 2020

Over 52 times we watch mobile everyday

At the center of our connected world is a smartphone that has become a device that users not only have difficulties with segregation, but also dependence on it. Deloitte's global research, which describes consumer habits, reveals, for example, that users are currently watchingmore mobile than ever and more than 52 times a day on average. The survey records US consumer habits of mobile technology, from the adoption of smarttags and the increased use of digital voice assistants to the demand for compatibility with the upcoming 5G technology.

The smartphone is at the heart of our connected world: research reveals customer habits of the Survey 2018 – for the eighth consecutive year, Deloitte analyzes consumer trends on mobile technology – confirms the central role that smartphones continue to play in the connected ecosystem, while other devices face a milestone. According to their results, smartphones remain the most desirable mobile device among US consumers, accounting for 85%. Also, smartphones are the most desirable mobile devices for most online activities. More than one-third of adults report smartphones "long / fair" for business purposes out of normal working hours. Also, 51% use smartphone personnel during normal working hours at "very / fair" frequencies.

Tablets fall
In the meantime, according to research, while the popularity of smartphones continues to grow in 2018, tablets are the biggest drop. Their market penetration during the year decreased by 5%, from 62% to 57%. The survey also finds that, in general, consumer privacy protections seem to increase directly in line with their need for mobile connectivity and more data.

Users, on the other hand, are ready to adopt new trends in technology they see as facilitating their daily routine. For example, support services for voice smartphones remain very popular because 64% of consumers use them, compared to 53% in 2017.

In addition, user interest in the upcoming 5G technology is increasing in all age groups, reaching 60% overall. Consumers are also interested in Internet Things (IoT), but also a related car, although more than half of respondents said they were not willing to pay for them.


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