Tuesday , May 30 2023

Ping Pong Gennimata – Cyprus in Parliament with footage on both sides thetoc.gr


The House has begun a serious controversy over what was known earlier on Wednesday, according to which the Money Market Administration has requested the opening of bank accounts of former Prime Minister Costas Simitis, Daphne's wife, brother's list and two former Ministers of his government, Michalis Chrisohoidis and Evangelos Maleisios, are from the anti-money laundering body.

In her speech at the House, Ms. Gennimata mentioned the subject in a brave style. Addressing Prime Minister Alecis Cipras, he said: "Yesterday, I said that your panic, in order to break the democratic line, would lead to the rise of Eleftherios Venizelos." You are unscrupulous, now you are coming to K. Simitis, Prime Minister of EMU, Helsinki , access to Cyprus, large projects that have changed the image of the country, make a decision not to touch us, what you will do will be your boomerang. "

Ms. Gennimata's attitude has triggered the reaction of the prime minister, who said: "You do not feel the need to apologize to the world. It is not possible for some to perceive and feel the permanent owners of this place and, of course, think that it is the one who has the command of the people to be an unusual tenant. The owner of this place is a Greek people and we are all unusual, and I am afraid that if you continue, go for a permanent exodus from a political position. " G. Tsipras also claimed that, with what Gennimata says, it strengthens ND. "Many times you say that you want a strategic defeat of Syriza. The strategic defeat of Siri is a strategic victory of the ND," he said.

"We are not fighting against you We criticize We have developed an autonomous strategy and an autonomous course It is not our fault if you became a political sponsor of the New Democracy All you have achieved is working with the Karaman Work of Desnica We do not allow us to move your finger. the prosecutor intervened for what was unusual in the government? "Gennimata replied.

"I'm sorry why Mrs. Gennimata confirmed what I have already said about the strategy of the opposition it holds, which will lead to your own strategic defeat," Mr. Tsipras, and Ms. Gennimatas again said: "We do not have cooperation with Mr. Mitsotakis. You have a right drive next to you." Panos Kammenos also spoke at the debate, saying ANEL was a patriotic centrist party and shooting at KINAL in the Papantoniou affair.

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