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Social dividend 2018 – Beneficiaries: What you need to know


Social dividend 2018 – Users. For another year, the government is preparing to divide the social dividend, which this year looks like a "Christmas present" …

Social dividend 2018 is ejected and it is estimated that the amount that users will receive from 300 to 1,400 depending on family members, and the amount will in some cases be much higher than last year. At the same time, civil servants estimate that this year they will benefit from 1,300,000 households.

Social dividend 2018 – Users

Like last year, this year's income and assets criteria are in place to get a social dividend. Everything indicates that the amounts will be distributed mainly to young, unemployed and single parents, but also to households with very low incomes and low value assets.


For a one-member household: 9,000 euros a year
For a household with 2 adult members: 13,500 euros per year
For households with 2 adults and 1 underage member: 15,750 per year
For households with 2 adults and 2 under-age persons: 18,000 euros per year
For households with 2 adults and 3 under-age persons: 20,250 euros per year
For households with 2 adults and 4 minors 22,500 euros per year
For households with five or more adult members or with 2 adults and 6 or more minors: 27,000 euros per year.


Real estate in Greece or abroad should not exceed the value of 120,000 euros per household with one member, and this limit is increased by 15,000 for each additional member to the limit of 180,000 euros.

The criteria will also be the total deposits of all household members in all banks in Greece and abroad.

The prerequisite for receiving a social dividend is that the beneficiaries are the same and all members of the household who submitted the tax return in 2017 if they are obligated to do so.

Who lost the social dividend in 2018?

Social households will be excluded from the social dividend, whose members stated in their last statements that they have:

– IKS cars over 1,928 cubic meters

– Recreational craft

– fees from private schools

– expenses for compensation of official staff.

It is expected that the final decisions on the social dividend of 2018 will be "locked" within the next 24 hours after the State Treasury Department took over … pen and paper and tried to determine the overcrowding of 2018. According to the newspaper TA NEA, the social dividend of 2018 will be distributed according to the income and assets criteria, varies according to the marital status of households and will range from 300 to 1,400 euros.

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