Monday , March 20 2023

Survey: 9.7% for ND – "Soros Intervenes in Greece" believes 43%


A permanent head that reaches a two-digit number is maintained by the New Democrats against SIRIZA, according to a new poll, which includes a five-party parliament.

According to the National Interview Survey on behalf of Vergin TV, ND was 31.6% compared to 21.9% of SIRIZE.

RV reaches 84%, while for SIRIZA it is 53%.

In third place, with little difference, Chrisi Avgi (6.9%), KINAL (6.5%), KKE (6.0%),

The syndicate of the centers (with 2.5%) seems to be struggling to enter the House, while the party "Hellenic Solution" is impressive with 2.6%.

LAE follows with 1.9%, ANEL 1.8%, Potami with 1.8% and Freedom with 1%.

The percentage of indecision is also significant and has reached 12%.

"George Soros Intervenes in Greece"

According to the same survey, the question of the big investor George Soros – after the appeal of Kamenos – 43% think that George Soros is involved in shaping the country's foreign policy, while 40% do not know and answer this question. Only 17% said that George Soros did not intervene in the country.

"To convene a meeting of the leader of RTP"

Regarding the relationship of the President of the Republic, 56% believe that Prokopis Pavlopoulos convenes a meeting of political leaders for Skopje. The same percentage is considered negative by Prokopios Pavlopoulos according to the Prespa Agreement.

The survey was conducted from 1 November to 2 November, on a sample of 1,000 adults around the country.

See the survey in detail in PDF format.

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