Monday , March 20 2023

SYRIZA leads 13% ND – 60% in favor of the agreement with France


With a double-digit difference, it is still ahead Nea Dimokatia against him SYRIZA according to a survey conducted by Interview. In particular, according to a survey conducted for the Political newspaper, the difference between ND and SYRIZA in the intention to vote is 13%.

Also, the percentages of the parties are as follows:

  • SV 35.3%
  • SYRIZA 22.3%
  • KINAL 7%
  • KKE 5.5%
  • DAY 25 3.9%
  • OTHER 9.3%
  • UN undecided 10.9%
  • WHITE / DG 1%


The research also reflects the dominance of New Democracy over SYRIZA and Kiriakou Mitsotaki on him Alexis Tsipras. Thus, in terms of the winning show, 63% of citizens believe that the ND will be the party that will win them as soon as the elections are held, while the president of the ruling party has 47% of votes, against 23% of the leaders of the official opposition.


In the survey, the citizens were also responsible for the three most important current issues, such as the most freedom for the vaccinated, the Greek-French agreement on defense, but also the increase in energy prices.

When asked whether they agree or disagree with the return to normalcy of the vaccinated, the citizens answered as follows:

  • I agree: 71%
  • Disagree: 24%
  • D / G / No answer: 5%


Asked whether the Greco-French agreement protects the country’s defense, they answered:

  • Yes: 60%
  • No: 31%
  • D / G / No answer: 9%


Also, 6 out of 10 believe that the agreement protects the country’s defense, while exactly the same percentage does not agree with the position of the Left, from SYRIZA to KKE, to vote against that parliament. The issue also highlights the ideological approaches that the right / right center / center has with the left on such issues.


At the same time, about 33% believe that the subsidy on electricity bills and the heating supplement will help households meet the requirements of the winter season.

Although the increases have not yet been felt in consumer bills, there are many who are afraid that with these oil and gas prices
heating this year will be a difficult thing. And that is why about six out of ten seem generally optimistic about the course of the economy.

Popularity of ministers

  • Nikos Dendias 81% positive opinion
  • Kiriakos Pierrakakis 68.7%
  • Christos Staikouras 43%
  • Adonis Georgiadis 32.7%
  • Takis Theodorikakos 32.5%
  • Vassilis Kikilias 32.3%
  • Kostas Karamanlis 30.1%
  • Nikos Panagiotopoulos 30%
  • Kostis Hatzidakis 29.5%
  • Makis Voridis 28.1%
  • Costas Skrekas 26.5%
  • Stavros Lebanon 26%
  • Costas Tsiaras 24.1%
  • Nike Kerameos 24%
  • Giannis Plakiotakis 23.9%
  • Notis Mitarakis 23.9%
  • Thanos Plevris 20.8%
  • Christos Stilianidis 19.9%
  • Lina Mendoni 17.1%

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