Tuesday , May 30 2023

The judge forgot the currency for the center and beat the "stone scissors-paper"!


This happened at the Women's Championship in Britain – Judge punished by exclusion from matches 3 weeks

Including the races until December 17, British judge David McNamara was fined because on October 26, instead of returning to the dressing room to get it, he decided to forget the currency for Houghton's Manchester City for reading women's championships. The leaders of two teams to … play "stone-scissors-paper".

In a video on TV, McNamara seems to invite two leaders to play the game with them to obey because they have no alternative.

The pronouncement of the penalty from McNamara will come into effect on November 26th.

As stated in a statement by the British Football Federation, "we can confirm that Judge David McNamara was arrested for 21 days, starting on November 26, after he accepted the charge that he did not work for the game."

The announcement states that the rules predict which team will be set up by the curse of the coin "which McNamara missed."

The referee makes Super League captains playing stone, paper, scissors

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