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The "naked" recording on GNTM was hampered by a new stick


A very special, but also difficult test, was the Greek top model that competed in the episode on Tuesday.

The naked photo in GNTM was not quite naked. What do we think? The contestants were wrapped in plastic because the concept wanted to represent captured animals in the plastic industry trying to escape. The goal was to send a loud message against the use of plastic.

Several girls have managed to get into the concept and have good results, but the truth is that most of them did not explicitly express what the test required.

Caustic comments

Of course, there were no horrible comments during the test, while Mikaela once again commented on Anna Amanatidou and said she copied it the second time because she also tried to bite the plastic she was wrapped around.

Megji, immediately after her attempt, said it was meaningful: "At the time I collapsed the plastic, I broke the violence that I and my friends have been in for so long and at home and too much of the bad criticism I've received for judges for so long! Sometimes I really want them screaming and screaming, just as I smashed plastic. "

Of course, the "crisis" started earlier, as we saw in the process of cooperation where the girls were separated from Ilijana Papageorgiou every two years, Maggie commenting that she did not get anything from her cooperation with Anna, while Mikael and Gariflia, who were a group, They did not stop each other!

Criticism and retirement

The contestants were found in front of the judges to evaluate their photographs.

Meigi received a few positive comments with Vicki Kaias that she caught saying: "I was so excited that my girl woke up!"

The three best photos were Eveline, Eve and Michele, who also won the test.

When Irene Ermidou stood before the judges, Dimitris Skoulos was particularly tough with her. She told her that her photo was a rubbish and very negative comment that she smiled steadily during the photo shoot.

This picture is garbage because you saw it for a playlist … You laughed all the time and it was like skipping the whole concept. At that moment, I wanted to take the camera and chase you

However, Anna Amanatidou and Xanthoulou left the judges happy, and they did not say the best comments, but they stressed that they were not able to find the right expression.

In the end, the player who left Greece's top model is Marianna Mandesi.

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