Friday , June 2 2023

Thriller with 120 installments: "The theme returns" – All events


The technical instruction of the creditors came and went without taking into account the proposals of the Greek side to extend the emergency situation to employees, pensioners and professionals who for technical reasons can not be put into the process of 120 files.

Although the Greek envelope was fully prepared and legally detailed, the technical phases had depleted four 24 hours of their presence in Athens, passing through the sieve only the work of the outcast, as well as the elements of the Katseli law. According to the relevant sources, foreign technocrats were "fortified" behind the orders of their superiors to limit themselves to the data of the Vanudijsky-Katseli data, as this assessment will be part of the overall, first memo evaluation.

"They spent countless hours, looking at line-line, euro-euro, data on extra-judicial courts," the same sources said, adding that it is expected that 120,000 taxpayers are expected. "This issue is going backwards," the sources said, and the next key meeting was postponed for December.

The good news is that the "X-ray" of the extra judicial team fully satisfied the foreign technocrats who acknowledged that after the first difficulty the rhythm was raised. If this trend is confirmed in December, then the extension of the deadline for businesses, professionals and farmers in favor of 120 years. According to the information, in early January, the debt platform is expected to open below 20,000 euros, as it is estimated that it would be possible to fully automate procedures, which would reduce costs.

In short, the results of the extra-judicial proceedings presented by foreign technocrats are as follows:

  • Companies (65 weeks of operation): 1.7171 requests were submitted to the platform, of which 92 had already settled their obligations towards AADE, EFCA, banks and suppliers.
  • Freelancers (39 weeks of operation): 2,848 requests were submitted to the platform, of which 648 freelancers now made their debts to AADE and EFCA.
  • Farmers (18 weeks of operation): 207 applications for debt settlement AADE, EFCA (OGA) and PKH (formerly ATE, etc. Banks in Liquidation) were submitted on the platform, of which 74 farmers now have paid their debts to AAD and EFCA.

On the contrary, the "rentgen" of the law Katseli has raised concerns in the technical ranks of creditors, since the expected positive effects of recent legislative interventions are no longer reflected. The demand of foreign technocrats is mainly the detection of bad payers, and thus the withdrawal of their claims, after the ban on banking secrecy. The Greek side's argument was that these figures have not yet been integrated into the system (data is stopped in August), and somewhat transmitted in December, so it is expected that the application for the extension of the safeguard framework will be submitted, even with more stringent conditions.

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