Tuesday , September 27 2022

Trains return to and from the airport


Under the authority of the Department of Transportation – Dissatisfaction with the leadership of the ministry on changing the route to the airport

The Ministry of Transport expresses dissatisfaction with STASI's decision to change the routes of trains serving the airport, demanding that they return to the initial planning, a mandate that expects execution by the company's management within the next few days.

From November 1, according to STASI's decision, there has been a change of metro to and from the airport, because they are now only between Douk stations. Placentia and the airport instead of the Aiia Marina airport, as it was the previous time.

Passengers leaving from the airport now have to move to Douk Station. Plakentia from where metro trains go to the airport at 00:25 and 00:55 every hour, while metro passengers departing from the airport (starting from 00:00 and 00:30 each hour) go to Douk Station. Plakentias, where within a few minutes there is a tram to Agia Marina.

It should be mentioned, in the controversial Duke. Placentia – Airport, passengers can also use Suburban routes, however it is necessary to switch to another port.

This STASI decision is justified as an attempt to rationalize the management of airport (and more expensive) trains.

However, according to the information, this decision was not approved by the ministry, and even its management sent a letter to the STASI Administration requesting explanations of the reasons for the change if that other person had an OASA consent, why the Ministry of Transport did not abide by the necessary procedures for approval.

The letter ends with a call from STASI to restore line traffic to its original design, which, according to sources near the administration, is expected to execute STASI "after the mandate of the Ministry for better passenger service publicly" within the next few days.

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