Tuesday , September 27 2022

Turkish fighters have asked for permission to enter the Athens FIR, but in the wrong way – Nevsbeast


"Today, the day of the Feast of the Taxiarch and the Air Force, we had an important development. You know there is a protocol on celebrations to avoid tensions and violations." For the first time we asked for permission from Turkish aircraft to enter the Athens FIR.

So if it moves forward with the power that prevents anyone to provoke, with a positive view in the future, with the peaceful coexistence of the two peoples, we will be able to build the future of our homeland, "said Panos, Minister of National Defense Burned, talking to the House for a retrospective.

However, there is no relevant place in the international NOTAM system and according to the safe information nevs.gr Hellenic Air Force usually puts the aircraft on hold. This incident, according to the same source, refers to Turkish fighters who entered the Athens FIR in the Rhodes area after they first informed the Greek authorities of the radio. Of course, this is not a proper procedure, and because of this, the helicopter air force activated readiness.

At the same time, NAVTEKS 1101/18 shows an obsession Turkey for the maritime area south-east of Lemnos and east of Aghios Stratis, and for the second time, within three days, it links the weapon training area.

This is November 12th from 6am to 3pm noon.


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