Friday , December 4 2020

Viruses filled with laptops were auctioned against $ 1.3 million

Old laptop with six of the worst viruses ever published Recently it was sold at auction against astronomical quantities 1.3 million dollars.

Internet artist Guo O Dong, co-operated with Deep Instinct for cyber security to infect the computer and create the "work" of Persistence of Chaos. This is the Samsung NC10-14GB 2008 laptop with a 10.2-inch screen that runs the Windows XP SP3 operating system and is infected with six of the most malware in the history of the Internet.

As the artist says in The Verge, this project is a stock of historical Internet threats, and as long as it's offline or offline, it's harmless.

The choice of the virus is, according to Guo O Dong, based on their catastrophic consequences, both at the digital and physical levels. Viruses have the names ILOVEIOU, MiDoom, SoBig, VannaCri, DarkTekuila and BlackEnergi. "Viruses may look weird by their names, but they emphasize that tissue and real life are not different spaces. Malvare is one of the most oppressive ways that the Internet can hurt you. We assume that what happens on computers does not affect us, but it's absurd Viruses that are used as weapons and can affect electrification networks or public infrastructure can cause real and immediate damage. "

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