Sunday , November 28 2021

With Koulouris in Austria, football hopes: Greece and Greece


The turning point in the U21 national team, who after defeating Austria in Tumbi on Friday (16/11) with 0-1, was called to win a higher result in Zandt Polten on Tuesday (20/11).

In her efforts she seems to have improved with Efthimis Koulouris because she appeared after Antonis Nikopolides consulted Angelos Anastasiades. A national man's federal technician is not expected to use the Atromitos striker in the evening match against Estonia for the UEFA 6th league, so he can rest for a match against Austria with national hopes.

The original plan was to play the best shooter of the Super League with Mens tonight and even as a basic one, but taking into account the small significance of the fight, Hopes will, on the contrary, give the fight to overcome the results of the first race and indeed far from home, returned it before he re-joined the team to reinforce the attack.

I recall that Hopes played with Central striker Androutsos in the game Toumba, while Nikopolidis used Kotsopoulos and Kambetsis as a change and left Vergos off the road.

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