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How bad is the negative comment "OVERKILL Iin Gu Road"? The same number of people who lost the "L4D2" was also sprayed with "garbage" ? 4Gamers

By November 10, more than 2,000 comments of OVERKILL's The Valking Dead, which had been on the Steam list for 4 days, were officially re-examined, becoming a "junk" in the eyes of Steam players and players who are not yet started. You still have the opportunity to change.

In fact, this is the publisher of Starbreeze's OVERKILL study part of "Raid: The Second World War" (Lion Game Lion is a member of the OVERKILL study team). As for the evaluation of this game, most evaluations are the first and most important, and good words say they are forward, but I can not do it …

However, unfortunately, "OVERKILL Iin Gang Road" has been purchased from the very beginning, and brought you a series of negative experiences. Yes, those who left a negative comment on Steam did not lie.from the

Life is already so difficult, some things do not pass. That's right, what happened to Studio OVERKILL?

Unpacking the installation longer than the download time

In the era of the Internet, a 19GB capacity download is not a problem, but the disaster is that it takes a lot of time to allocate hard disk space, and an initial update of 25 MB after downloading is more like a ghost. Like the wall, the entire installation process is like "The World" in the DIO.

It took almost 30 minutes for the editor to read the book halfway, and the rest of the time told me 7 minutes, in fact, it took me 15 more minutes to finish unpacking. According to the comments, there are many players who complain about it.

Read, wait, read, wait

After the long-awaited start, finally enter the game, such as "Paidai 2", the level of the game is represented by the map base, the first "First shot" is in GeorgeTovn, which is simply the starting point of the world view of this game, the player of the sea Start with the defense base.

But then there is a problem. Every level must be played. It can not be an independent game, so the whole pairing is quite long. This can be understood when the game is released for a while, but OVERKILL Iin Chuang Lu was released on November 6th. A pair of 4 can even 3 to 5 minutes, which is difficult to discourage.

Of course, after the group has finished 4 people, do not forget that the level should be read. It does not matter, in order to kill zombies, all this is worth it! Just as the side is ready to be excited and ready to satisfy the first level, more frustrating things are repeated …

Let's doubt whether the "error code" can get a poor line of achievement

Yes, the shutdown was too quick as a tornado. I thought Steam's comments were breaking. I thought my talents were bad, but he quickly cheated on me "Code Error". It took another 10 minutes to wait for the group to have 4 people. I did not expect to repeat the "Error code: the sunset" when I took a couple of times for the second time …

This was only three, and the editor again opposed the temperament, and in the end, the group was full of 4 people, and in the end I successfully entered the first level. In the beginning, the zombies broke through the northern gate and in the end I collapsed the first zombie games, so I was excited. The baptism went ahead and found that the conveners had already used a murder pistol to kill the first wave.

It's my Noob, it's okay, next wave. As I turned my head and prepared for help in building fortifications, I collected another error code, "Basecamp" …

Coach, I just want to hit my zombie head! It's been an hour and a half since I bought this game. I already got two error codes before I killed the first zombie. What is that? Is this error code specifically named, or can this be achieved?

In fact, next to Sunset and Basecamp, there is another mistake in the code called "Tent". Maybe that means you will not be near the tent in the second round of "hell or high water" …

BUG has so many experiences as zombies

BUG This type of game has every game, many players will find an unexpected BUG after playing the previous game, this probability is not high and as mentioned before, unless you are the best person, otherwise usually Steam Comment on those who complain about a multitude of errors, a chance for the mortals you encounter, they are not really great.

But I was the person I chose that day, because I was not able to move when I stuck to the first level (and then the zombie dropped me down).

The simplest way of encountering the current editing process is the image of Kardon, zombie through the wall, the toughest point of the BUG card, and suddenly it can be understood that many players who played the beta test complain that the game is still not fully optimized after the game is listed. Feeling.

Otherwise, the first level "The First Shot" was set three times before and after the team successfully passed. It also shows that this game still has some difficulty.

The game is played, the system is innovative, but generally there are no surprises

To be honest, "OVERKILL Ghost Road" is basically "Paidai 2" "Left 4 Dead" Mod, which is very easy for players who are familiar with "Paidai 2" for understanding and starting and role on the system (max. Open 6 characters) , and the basic system has its own functions that can be reproduced.

Each character has its own talents, and the levels of these characters are separated. Therefore, a particular character at an early stage can bring more advantages to the battles, but the relative wild game in the wild is less flexible.

The level presentation is not uncertain, although the zombie action "Ghost Road" is not as excessive as "Left 4 Dead", but the number is quite large, plus the early combat power of the player is quite low, limited ammunition, limited physical force (target attack) Under consumption physical strength, the initial experience of wildlife is rather frustrating.

In addition to developing characters, a player can save a survivor to join his camp with a level, and at the same time has the concept of a survival game that will consume resources over time, the more basic partners, the greater the consumption of resources. You need to get resources through the task at the level, distribute the work properly, and upgrade the database, making the game more difficult.

It's a shame that everything seems to be copying the game from the past "Paidai 2." Although the difficulty is classified as "Hardcore Survival", many knowledge about systems and games can be imagined, even if there is no punishment, it can not be a plus.

Although you have to kill zombies in the same way, you who played "Left 4 Dead 2" and played Tank, you can not find much surprises here.

Although it's the same as killing people, but you played "Paidai 2" and played Dozer, you can not find too many surprises here.

If you really want to play, first find 3 shooters who are willing to go the same way.

Once again, the editor does not try to stop you from buying this game. Simply, the editor of the edge, although I have three bad languages, I still can not convince myself that the three good friends are together, but when they are together with friends. Join, in the process of the game, I believe that the difficulty will be greatly reduced, and can add more to the feelings of each other. You know, when the soldiers suffered together, the game is the same.

Otherwise, the critically significant factor in the OVERKILL highway is thus negatively evaluated, i.e. The price strategy in the region is different. According to SteamDatabase, "OVERKILL Ghost Road" is selling for $ 59.99 in the US, equivalent to NT $ 1,847. You should understand why strangers are so disappointed and angry.

Fortunately, in Taiwan, we bought OVERKILL Iin Chuang Road for only 858 yuan, which is half more than the US. If the OVERKILL team can fix problems with optimization before the game and bad experience, it may still be fun. However, according to Steam's record, even the people who played "Left 4 Dead 2" had more than just "OVERKILL Iin Chong Road".

I thought that "OVERKILL Iin Chuang Lu" is still a long-awaited zombie masterpiece for many players last year. Now it seems that OVERKILL road drum with poor optimization and non-existence still consumes the past accumulation "Paidai 2" and OVERKILL team. Reputations.

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