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In East Crown, Spurs are "traitors": he uses the smallest scab to round Kawhi | NBA |

108-100, deer defeated Tiranosaurus at home and scored 1-0 in the finals of the Eastern Conference. In this game, both sides have shown their characteristics. In the end, it can be said that the male deer with Spurs trainers, but non-oyster, who successfully defeated the tyrannosaurs who are more stimulated, a trend towards a traditional victory.

Configuration is neat, tyrannosaur is fighting Spurs?

Speaking of the most successful team in the 21st century, these are not people from Zijin's lake with a OK combination, nor the Heat of the Big Three, nor the warriors of the four-year-old three crowns, but the ruler of the old Greg Popovic. Spurs. Since entering the new century, this team has come to the playoffs for 19 consecutive years and won four championships, regardless of the number of championships or the stability of the record, it is incomparable.

However, with Kau-Renard's departure from the team last summer, Spurs appear to have signs of falling, and the new tiranosaurus of small cards gradually shows Spurs.

Especially after Marc-Casso lines were sold earlier this year, the configuration of the tyrannosaurus components became more complete – in color, there is a small plus wizard should be a shaft, when the need for an attack is, Renard's singles are reliable. On the last line, Lori, high-quality "3D" Danni Green, who can take care of both organizational and personal attacks, and the second main force is Vanjiniousiam. On the bench, experienced Ibaka's veteran and crazy hurry to break Van Fleet.

Of particular importance is the role of two brothers and Leonard. Leonard does not have to say that from the start of the play he had an average of 30+ points per game with 50% of hits, and the last match was one of the most exciting goals in the history of the NBA playoffs. It is compared with LeBron James, the first person in the league. His game directly determines the fate of the entire team.

Although the performance of the Caucasus is not remarkable, it is also an essential figure of this team. He won the best defender for the defending player, and in the first two rounds he played down the center of Vuković and Embajid with two stars and became the key to tyrannosaurs. At the offensive end, although there are not many shots, most tyrannosaurs must pass the hand, which is the axis of the entire tactical system.

Gasol shot near the penalty line

Both Leonard and the younger are very smart and quiet players, and the entire tyrannosaurus also showed strong tactical discipline and control capability under the leadership of Nick Nass and two key leaders. . They are firmly committed to the game plan (such as today's brother of the letter), the offensive endeavor is always looking for the best mobile phone as reasonably possible, to avoid making mistakes, but also to take full advantage of all the fighters. All this is like the Spurs of the year.

In today's game, Tiranosaurus took the initiative most of the time, up to 13 points. In the end, however, they lost themselves from a more decent, more descriptive public reindeer, which proved the irreversible truth of rolling the historical point.

Say goodbye to tradition, invigorate deer in public!

Interestingly, the Tyrannosaurus, which is similar to Spurs, is confronted with Spurs trainers. In the previous semi-final, the 76ers coach, Brett Brovn, was an assistant trainer for former Spurs, and now the finals of the Eastern Men's Reindeer Conference, the club's commander, Mike Budenholzer, he also debuted as assistant Popovic.

Coach Gong Lua Budden Holzer attended the press conference after the match

However, unlike the 76ers, Bucks are not "spurs" at all, Budenholzer has done a detailed job in the overall game of deer since assuming the role of coach last summer. The collapse and renewal, more magical and more in line with the tactical trend of the development of today's alliance.

Last season, Bucks averaged 24.7 shots per game, ranked 25th in the league, an average of 13.7 in the middle and 9th in the league. This season, their three points have reached 38.2, the second on the Rockets list, while in the middle distance only 5.5, the third league.

With this new style of play, Bucks have 116 points per game this season, the second league (after Varriors), the average score is 14.6 points per game, well ahead of the other place in Varriors (+7.1). ). They played 60 wins and 22 losses in the best league placement in the regular season, and the play has so far had 9 wins and 1 loss, which is also the best performance of the league.

The two heroes of Bulls who are today winning are also from the front, but unlike Tiranosaurus, the game Janis Adetokounmpo and Brook Lopez is very anti-traditional. One of them, the 7-meter is the main ball and a tactical initiator, and another old-fashioned center, which is always a standard figure or game, is now pulled out to catch the ball and cast three points.

As a result, the support for these two persons was successfully turned and held by a domestic court. In this game, although worried about his brother, he scored 24 points, 14 rebounds, 6 assists, 2 interceptions and 3 times obstructive data. In the counter-attack phase, several unreasonable strong blows made people feel that talent. You really can not stand it. Lopez made four trophies and scored 29 points and 11 rebounds to become the "winner".

Obviously, the overall performance of the audience today, the tyrannosaur is more stable and it is better to control the pace of the game and make reasonable decisions. The public deer is not completely open outside the line of three points (the team made 11 out of 44 trophies) and made some mistakes in the game (as the third quarter ran up only 1 point, the brother of the letters missed two free throws) Then the team lost their opponents 9-0 to re-open the result. However, they still firmly implement their tactical characteristics, with better talent and trend-oriented style of the game, laughing to the end.

In the first two rounds of the play-off, Tiranosaurus's style of play was successful – the elimination of the star center as a tactical core, playing relatively old-fashioned magic and the 76's. But now they face a new rival, a higher level of confrontation, and a completely different tactical system, which is enormous for Renard, the Caucasus or Nik Nasa. Test.

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