Sunday , November 28 2021

Microsoft Confirms New Error for Windows 10 October: Sit and Wait Patches – Hong Kong Sina


Original address: Microsoft confirmed a new error for Windows 10 October: Sit and wait patches

Source: Drive House

Although Windows 10 v1809 October update is updated after a month, there are still many bugs after reissue, especially the audio is silent, distorted, messy, etc., And the clerk confirmed a new error.

Microsoft admits that the new version of the system will lead to F5 VPN failing to connect to the network under certain configurations and develop a patch, but the time for release is in progress.

The F5 VPN official provides a more detailed explanation: If you configure the BIG-IP APM network access to use split tunnels and use the BIG-IP Edge client or browser to access the Internet through a client, it will fail.

F5 VPN has confirmed that Microsoft is developing a patch, but there is no timetable and can only wait patiently.

If you do not want to wait, there is also a version that is set to compel all traffic through the tunnel to the F5 VPN.

In addition, Microsoft today pushed the new cumulative patches KB4469342 to the Insider internal test channel, but did not provide an update log. It is not clear what a particular problem is solved. Probably the previous file is an associated error.

This patch is in the pre-election stage and is expected to be publicly pressed next week. The system version number will increase to 17763.165 after the update.

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