Friday , April 16 2021

Taiwan State Affairs Office expresses condolences to Hong Kichang in case of Taiwan railway accident: Reflecting land view on exchange mechanism across the strait-Politics-Zhongshi

Taiwan’s Taroko railways have the worst accident in 40 years. The Taiwan Office of Mainland China immediately expressed its condolences. Former SEF President Hong Kichang said today that this is a formal structure for the exchange of sea crossings, which to some extent reflects the official Chinese mainland. With regard to the maintenance and future prospects of the Strait Exchange Mechanism, we call on governments on both sides of the narrow aisle to take humanitarian aid as a stronghold and achieve related mutual assistance and cooperation through existing mechanisms.

Hong Kichang, the current chairman of the Taiwan Institute of Industry, Economics, Construction and Research, said the major accident on the northern loop of Taiwan Railways has caused the most serious casualties of Taiwan Railways in the last 40 years. clarifying the cause of the accident and investigating accountability tests the government’s response and management capabilities.

Regarding the major traffic accident, the Taiwanese office for mainland China expressed condolences this afternoon, spokesman Ma Xiaoguang said that the relevant parties on the mainland were very worried and concerned about the continued progress in the rescue and expressed condolences to the victims of the accident. The MAC also responded immediately, expressing gratitude for the sympathy and concern of all sectors of the Chinese mainland for the major accident on the northern loop of the Taiwan Railway.

Hong Kichang pointed out that in the face of major disasters or natural disasters, everyone can sympathize and sympathize. Before disasters and regrets, we believe that this is also the time to overcome barriers and work together to overcome difficulties. He has long encouraged humanitarian exchanges and cooperation between the two sides of the Taiwan Strait, and “related exchanges and cooperation begin with good intentions.”

He said that the basic humanitarian spirit is to show care and sympathy to the victims and passengers in the accident. We should affirm and appreciate the kind and warm dialogue between officials on both sides of the narrowness based on the universal values ​​of humanity.

Hong Kichang stressed that it is worth mentioning that the government of mainland China this time expressed condolences on behalf of the agency (including the Taiwan State Affairs Office and ARATS). This is a formal structure of the exchange of sea crossings. The land official welcomed the Office of Taiwan Affairs of the State Council and ARATS by name, which to some extent reflects the maintenance and future prospects of the official mechanism of exchange of sea crossings on land.

Considers that the governments of both sides of the strait can provide humanitarian assistance as a stronghold through existing mechanisms, namely the Taiwan Office of State Affairs and the Land Affairs Council, the Straits Foundation and the two main ARATS committees, and various small two committees to implement related mutual assistance and collaborations, such as humane visits to relatives. Issues such as disaster prevention and rescue, public health and medical care are all topics to try.

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