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Achieving the twenty is the main goal, we all do it


Timea Babos expected better results in the singles this year, but with strange results he was completely satisfied with the Grand Slam tournament, winning the Australian Open in January with Kristina Mladenovic and finishing third in Singapore this season. season.

Timea Babos won the double world championship for two consecutive years. Last year with the Czech Republic Andre Hlavack, this year won a trophy with French Kristina Mladenovic. There was no case that anyone could win the VB title for three consecutive years, with three different partners. Although on the world rankings, ten points were missing to finish first, the 25-year-old Hungarian tennis player is now the world's best player.

"I'd rather say that I'm one of the best if it's on me, then I will not become a party"

Babos told Nephi.

"We are aware of Kristina not only on the field, but also on the outside. Our relationship is characterized by the fact that one of the tournaments on the same day and did not follow the next day, we sat and talked at the hotel restaurant all day. We know a lot about this in these games we have a lot of things, we just have to meet and know what to do next. On the other hand, everything must be discussed separately. "

The Hungarian player's season was not so successful in the individual, the world ranking was only 61st. Babos became mid-September with coach Thomas Droet, with whom he worked for almost five years. The new coach is a Croatian 40-year-old, but his father, Nikola Horvat, with Hungarian ancestors.

"Before I decided I was fighting a lot, it was a difficult step, because I had a lot of gratitude to Thomas, but much has changed over the past few years, I started to work with him almost as a teenager, now I have other needs, I felt I myself have to continue "

– stressed the tennis player.

"- Nikola is a fantastic motivator, my family loved me so it's important for me to be well acquainted with my coach, to be friends, Nikolau, who is very good at seeing the city in place and is greatly relaxed."

For the new coach, individual results are more important than the pair, Horvat will be the first to target Babos on the world stage next year. Since in the field of tennis, ranking points they won last year must be primarily defended, and you can progress if players achieve a better result than the previous year, it has a lot of account.

"We agreed that achieving the twenty main goal, we all do it, but we do not even say a couple"

Babos pointed out.

"We will not count, but we will not pay attention to the fact that we have more time to relax. We have to call the tournament six weeks earlier, instead of quantity, not quality."

After defeating duels in Singapore, Babos swam with his boyfriend on the island of Bali.

"This was my first break I missed as a professional player without guilt," the player said. "We are together for two years, during the season, I have little time to work, my partner is not able to go to my tournaments." It was a big holiday, now I can rest a bit, but from December, intensive preparation starts in five weeks, from 6-8 hours a day to the Australian Open in January. "

Nikola Horvat: We are moving forward

Nikola Horvat between 2006 and 2008 was the co-driver and attacker of the tenth Croatian Mario Ancic on the world stage. From 2008 to 2013 he worked as a junior runner in the Croatian Alliance. In 2016 and 2017 he was coached by Donna Veccic, a 40-year-old professional who ranks the world ranging from 109 to 45. Babost wants to be ranked 61st among the top twenty.

"For a long time, we knew about Timiso, but for serious purposes it's worth fighting, so we made it so high," said Horvat Nemsavi. "The most important tournaments are the Grand Slam tournaments, otherwise we will not care about the world because it is not counted." If we are always able to get the maximum from the upcoming match, it will sooner or later appear in the Timmy position. In the same year, they set up a training and competition program to get the most out of Tim to the most important tournaments. "

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