Saturday , June 3 2023

Again, he must be in a homeless court for three weeks left in Pec


Again, he must be in a homeless court for three weeks left in Pec

Thursday will be the new trial for three seven-year-old Pecs man Istvan Giulai, sentenced for three weeks for homelessness – he taught Free Pecs.

According to the portal, a crucial violation of the new rules on street life can now make a decision on another offense.

In the resolution on the dismissal of Pecs, the court secretary also argued that the amendment of the Law on Misdemeanors and its intent was understandable, because in this case it was really necessary to do something, but primarily because of the situation in Budapest, where the situation of the homeless became irrelevant. During the decision, the court secretary also took into consideration the fact that the Accused claimed that he stayed in the following night.

Attorney at Pec, free of charge for Giula Istvan, dr. Mihali Kiss Gabor told the portal that he did not know that from the end of October he would come to negotiations in Pec or even in other cities. He was even betrayed that he would not speak to the homeless only for two crimes, just as he had lived in the streets in the past, under new altered rules and another alleged violation.

Initially, he said, he does not think it is vivid for someone who has been brought to justice for three weeks for homelessness, so that he can calm his life in a convincing way.

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