Tuesday , May 30 2023

Almost fifty forints cost less fuel than gasoline


Mol Plc. Reduce the wholesale price of gasoline 95 and gas oil per liter of gross 7 and gross 3 forints on Wednesday.

With moderation, the average price of gasoline was 373 forints per liter and 421 forints of gas oil. Fuel prices were last changed on Friday, the average price of gasoline fell by 6 forints, and gas oil fell by 5 forints.

In addition, there may be a difference of 50 HUF between the prices of tariff stations, so there may be a difference of up to 100 HUF between the retail price of two types of petroleum products.

Six and a half years ago, at the beginning of April 2012, the price of gasoline reached its peak, then one liter was on average 451 forint. Gasoline was the most expensive in mid-January 2012, at an average of 449 forints.

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