Hungarian opposition

The independent representative has not been appointed by the Ministry for more than a month.

Akos Hadhazi wanted to go to the Ministry of Defense to see the documents about the military luxury flight in Rome. However, an independent member of parliament – who reported on what happened on his community page – only arrived for a reception, later sent by a guard from the building.

A member cannot be appointed for more than a month.

“But now they didn’t give a date a month ago, they just believed they would speak up. When I went there satisfied last week, I was told to check in 72 hours early. I did that too, but then only the head of the department in charge of parliamentary relations answered me, saying that he could not give information. I also told him many times not to ask for information, but I want to see the documents and that is why I visited them again yesterday, at a pre-announced time. But then again, only two cynical officers came down to me, who told me that they would not show the papers either. That’s when I turned on the camera, “the MP wrote next to the video.

Viktor Orban and several members of his family were filmed in Rome on August 26. Bertalan Havasi, the head of the Prime Minister for the press, said that Orban was on an official visit and that he attended the annual meeting of Catholic deputies.

However, Hadhazi learned that the Falcon 7X plane of the Hungarian Armed Forces also appeared in the capital of Italy, the plane picked up passengers on the island of Brac along the way, and then landed someone from the Italian capital in Zadar. And the photo proves that Bracon, the prime minister’s minibus, was waiting for the plane.

Hadhazi asked Defense Minister Tibor Benko, who was traveling by plane to Rome, and for what purpose. The head of the ministry replied that the so-called list of passengers in military planes could not be published, so he could not make their contents available to him.

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