The tunnel between the southern and western railway stations, the first subway rhythm 5, the metro 2 connection with Godollo HEV, the complete replacement of the HEV fleet and the coverage of the western slopes – the government decided to implement these traffic movements on Saturday according to a published decision.

First, Csepel and HEV racks that will be built for the highway would be underground for Kalvin and – this is the first rhythm of Metro Line 5 – is often mentioned, but nothing has happened so far, but in the current government decision,. The feasibility study was also made on a long-term link between the two HEV and Szentendre HEV lines – the second round of the famous fifth metro.

The decision will also bring underground passenger trains between Kunszentmiklos-Tass-Kobania-Kispest and integrate it with subway 5. It also mentions the decision to have a comprehensive renovation waiting for the HEV section between Bekasmegier and Szentendra.

They also plan a "rapid development" on the Godollo and Csomor HEV lines, recommending linkage to the Ors leader, also with the long-awaited metro line 2, and the call to establish a new transmission link to Torokor with rail 100a and Rakosfalva with an intersection. metro Budapest KSVII. in the extent of the border line Rakoskeresztur.

Therefore, the "complete vehicle exchange" line HEV contributes, they write. The average age of the vehicle 98 HVV today is 42 years.

The green road to the south-western tunnel

In the second decision, the government agrees to "restore the system of a railway station that is not worth the development level of Budapest", ie the elimination of the main railway stations, and for this purpose proposes the construction of a railway tunnel between the South and Western Railway Stations and the so- Central station Niugati paliaudvar design.

Proposals have been prepared to connect Korvasut connected with the South Line railway bridge with new stops in accordance with the concept of the new railway network in Budapest and developing a concept for changing the role of the Keleti railway station.

Can a new government come?

Moreover, although Fidesz protested at the time of the planned districts of Djurcani around the West, it now seems justified to continue to start with the western region.

This decision requires a proposal to change the function of the railroad zones along main railway stations and introductory railway sections for the purpose of urban development, and in particular the entire South Railway Station, which is gradually released after the implementation of development goals, together with the Western Railway Station and the Keleti freeways along segments railways ".

The first phase of both programs will be implemented within the current financial framework of the Operational Program of Integrated Transport of the European Union, and the maximum grant for public procurement procedures is set at 150 million forint. The program will also be included as a priority for transport investments planned for the European Union's programming period 2021-2027.

All this suggests that while in the current EU financial cycle, the country's state, Budapest may be the center of development in the future.

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