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Index – Culture – Maneskin jokes with his song overheated by critics


A new song by Italian Maneskino Mammamia has been released, which the band performed live on October 7 at the SO36 club in Berlin. Before the performance, the musicians held a press conference on the spot, where, in addition to the message of the recent composition, they also discussed, among other things, the secrets and effects of their popularity.


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For Maneskin, the victory at Eurovision undoubtedly brought success. Young people who switched from street musicians to professional bands a few years ago in May Shut up and fine They won the song contest with their song, which is great in several ways: on the one hand, because the song at the event was written and performed in Italian, and on the other hand, they were able to celebrate the victory of the genre.

Unfortunately, there was also negative news about the success – a video was released in which the frontman of the band made an ambiguous move, which led to rumors that he was cocaine at the event. By refuting the malicious rumors from the beginning, Damiano David finally clarified himself with a negative test, and although the situation may have been terribly uncomfortable for them, it would not only harm, perhaps even help those who did not follow the song festival to know their names.

In any case, after the race, Maneskin’s popularity jumped terribly. THE Shut up and fine later on I Vanna Be Iours Smake Their clip-to-play song also topped the charts, as it did years ago. Beggin ‘-processing of the same, which was performed in the Italian X-Factor. The base of fans of the band’s social platforms has grown, but their concerts are also very popular – the parties on their 16-station tour, announced for spring, got married in a few hours.

And now a new song has arrived Mamma Mia titled, which at the first hearing may not guess how much Shut up and fine or this one I want to be your slave, however, it may be important to understand the motivation in which he was born. The song was written right after Eurovision – the musicians only had a few days to study, but they managed to compose this song in a few hours. They didn’t even take it too seriously, somehow it came naturally, they were just trying to have fun at the moment when they were going through many things. Damiano said that the composition is about joking about all the suggestions and rumors that have appeared since their success earlier this year.

A.z After Eurovision, we got a lot of attention. Many times when we did something we thought was great, people criticized it. I wanted to translate this into verse because things like that happen many times – sometimes you think you’re doing well, but the second they do not understand and are evaluated negatively or they are treated badly. I wanted to get out of this situation

The singer explained that at a press conference in Berlin, about which she informed us. He also added that, although the refrain is more about people’s sex lives, it has the same message – the way people see what you do and the way your impression differs from theirs. The title of the song also alludes to two things, on the one hand it notes how others react to what you do, and on the other hand, they also joke about it in the Italian stereotype because they think it is very far from them. Explaining this, Damiano also raised a scandal for Eurovision when he was accused of cocaine in the green room, but the malicious assumption eventually turned out to be false.

People are constantly talking about how we behave on stage. They accuse us of being wild and drug addicts – that’s natural, of course. I hope they understand the irony, though I’m not sure they will.

This is a song, the recording was made at a performance in Berlin:

How the conversation revealed about the band:

  • From the beginning, they write their own songs that they think work perfectly, which is why they don’t think about collaborating with other authors. In any case, Damiano would not allow anyone else to write his songs for him.
  • They don’t even know the reason for their popularity. In addition to being modest, Damiano says that it is important that they never do something that does not make them feel good. So people see that they enjoy what they do and that they are in good friendship. He thinks that many people could be close to the band, because even though they are completely normal 20-year-olds, they still achieve something huge and important. This gives young people and teenagers hope that in the future they too will be able to do something great and work the way they like. The singer also emphasized that they do not see themselves as a role model at all, but just want to be the best version of themselves.
  • About her androgynous, gender-neutral appearance, bassist Victoria de Angelis said that the style was not consciously chosen, but simply was. They grew up in Italy, which is a very conservative place that does not dress normally, people think badly about it, and they experienced that in their teenage years. Prejudices, even when they prevent people from being alone, are considered inappropriate and stupid. They feel they are conveying a positive message by saying that everyone is as good as they are.
  • The bassist also emphasized his belief that rock music is slowly returning and that Maneskin’s success should give hope to other musicians who have been told that it is not possible to do what they want because it is so.
  • They are not afraid of the effects of success, they will face the pressure that comes with it. Damiano also emphasized that while leaving the stage, they do not act like rock stars, but live a completely normal life like everyone else. He thinks it keeps them on the ground.

Members also commented on their popularity in the LGBTQ + community, which is not surprising, for example, after the scene that fans could see at their performance in Poland. The frontman, who stands for the rights of the LGBTKIA + community, kissed Thomas, the band’s guitarist, on stage, and then said that they think that it should be possible for everyone without fear and be free to be whoever they want.

The musicians indicated that feedback had already been received on how much they had helped others dare to take on. Damiano says that it is worth more than any gold plate, the most important thing that can happen to an artist.

A. Moonlight with such an understanding of life, advertising openness and acceptance, he will also arrive in Budapest on March 1. The concert will be in Barba Negra, tickets can no longer be purchased for entertainment. The good news, however, is that the band is also working on new music, they already have a few fresh songs in their pocket, but they don’t want to rush with the look.

Mom, meanwhile, made a text video in the meantime. They are here:

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